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Minha Vida Acquires TecnoNutri; Creates Dominant Player in Brazil’s Healthy Eating Market

Brazil’s Minha Vida Group, which manages a medical/health care website of the same name and a popular online diet program called Dieta e Saude, took a major step forward in its growth this week with […]

July 6th, 2015 — by admin

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Endeavor Named Most Impactful Company in Latin America by LATAM Founders Network

The LATAM Founders Network (LFN), a network for CEOs, partners and founders focused on the investment and technology space in Latin America, recently named Endeavor as the “Most Impactful” organization in the region. With a membership […]

March 29th, 2015 — by admin

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Endeavor Entrepreneur Company Cinemagic Announces Expansion Plans in Mexico


Endeavor Entrepreneur Company Cinemagic recently announced plans to begin a four-year expansion of its theaters throughout Mexico. The Puebla-based chain was founded  in 2005 by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Jose Ignacio Irigoyen and Roberto Quintero with the aim of bringing high-tech, modern movie complexes to smaller cities with populations of 50,000 to 150,000 throughout Mexico. Discovering that the small city demographic often lacked access to the same entertainment facilities as their larger urban counterparts, Jose and Roberto sought to bring affordable entertainment options and democratize the movie experience for all Mexicans.

With 70 theaters currently in operation and plans to expand to 200 screens over the next four years, Cinemagic’s growth strategy was announced on the heels of  a capital injection by Agersa Group, a Mexico-based real estate development operation. In addition, the company is moving towards digitizing all of its movie screens, becoming the second exhibition company in the country to achieve this status.

After their selection by Endeavor in 2010, Jose and Roberto have been active participants in a number of networking and mentoring events within the Endeavor network, including work with the Endeavor eMBA Program.

Endeavor Entrepreneur and Global Board Member Wences Casares’ LemonWallet Aquired by LifeLock

Endeavor Entrepreneur and Global Board Memberlemon Wences Casares‘ most recent venture, LemonWallet, recently announced its $50 million acquisition by LifeLock, a U.S.-based identity theft protection company. As one of the first entrepreneurs selected by Endeavor, Wences has been involved in numerous successful companies including Patagon.com, MECK, and Wanako Games, and is a prime example of the Endeavor model, transitioning to serve as an influential mentor and angel investor for the network. Raised on a sheep farm in Patagonia, Argentina, Wences was selected by Endeavor in 1998 for creating Patagon.com, an electronic brokerage site, and subsequently raised $4 million through the Endeavor network. In 2000, he sold a 75% stake in the business to Banco Santander for $750 million, instantly transforming him into one of Endeavor’s top success stories.

The LemonWallet acquisition is adding to his portfolio of entrepreneurial achievements. Launched in 2011 as a free cloud-based receipt organizer and spending tracker, the service allows users snap images of debit, credit, loyalty, health insurance and ID cards, as well as receipts, tickets and coupons, then upload these to a secure account in the cloud. Looking to expand its mobile offerings, LifeLock naturally gravitated towards LemonWallet to round out its security products, acquiring the company and subsequently launching an integrated app that offers customers a primary touch point for managing and protecting their digital identities.

For over a decade, Wences has worked closely with Endeavor, initially to access capital and mentorship through the Endeavor Investor Network and VentureCorps, and then to serve as an investor, mentor and Board member himself.

Read the full press release about the acquisition by clicking here.

Endeavor Entrepreneur Company ComparaOnline Receives $3 Million Investment

comparaonline_logoEndeavor Chile Entrepreneur Company ComparaOnline.com recently announced the addition of Simon Nixon, founder of the financial services price comparison site MoneySupermarket, to its Board of Directors, along with a $3 million investment. Now serving as Deputy Chairman of the $1.6 billion MoneySupermarket business, Nixon became a leader in the price engine industry after founding the company back in 1993 and growing it as CEO until 2008. The announcement of Nixon’s investment certifies ComparaOnline’s growing presence as one of the top insurance and financial product distributors in Latin America.

Selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2012, ComparaOnline founder and CEO Sebastian Valin sought to provide a digital platform for Latin American consumers to find and compare financial products simply and efficiently, while helping insurance companies and banks expand their distribution networks. Since his selection, Sebastian has been an active participant in Endeavor services like the Endeavor Investor Network and Endeavor Catalyst.

Read the full press release from ComparaOnline by clicking here.

Endeavor Entrepreneur Mauricio Hoyos Named a Top “Innovator Under 35″ by MIT Technology Review


Endeavor Entrepreneur Mauricio Hoyos was recently named to MIT Technology Review’s “Innovators Under 35 – Colombia” ranking, which recognizes ten local leaders who are finding innovative solutions to regional challenges.

As founders of the Colombia-based technology company Conexred, Mauricio and his brother (and fellow Endeavor Entrepreneur) Andrés Alban sought to bring accessible financial and payment services to under-served communities around the country through their PuntoRed Network. Available at thousands of points-of-sale, the network allows users to make financial transfers, purchase mobile minutes and access a variety of other services right in their neighborhood stores and shops. Mauricio and Andrés were selected as entrepreneurs in 2012, and have been active participants in Endeavor events and programs including the Endeavor Investor Network.

Read the full profile on Mauricio in MIT Technology Review by clicking here.

28 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 12 Countries Join the Endeavor Network; First Entrepreneurs Selected from Miami (USA), Morocco and UAE

Dubai Header blog

Dubai, UAE – December 16, 2013 – Endeavor selected 28 High-Impact Entrepreneurs leading 20 companies from Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Miami, Morocco, Turkey and the UAE at its 51st International Selection Panel.  Endeavor now supports 872 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 558 companies in 19 countries. The entrepreneurs were chosen at a panel held from December 10 – 12 in Dubai, which also marked the official launch of a new Endeavor affiliate in the UAE. Panelists ranged from Silicon Valley venture capital executives to business leaders from 11 countries drawn from Endeavor’s extensive global network.  Two Endeavor Entrepreneurs – from Colombia and Jordan – also joined the judging panels.

The Panel was notable in highlighting Endeavor’s rapid expansion around the world in 2013. Three new Endeavor affiliates – Miami, Morocco and the UAE – brought their first candidates to an Endeavor event and all were selected by the judges.

“I’m thrilled about all the new Endeavor Entrepreneurs selected but particularly want to congratulate our first-ever entrepreneurs chosen from Miami, Morocco and the UAE,” said Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg.  “This panel proved once again that great high-impact entrepreneurs can be found anywhere in the world.  Endeavor can provide the right mentors, networks and access to smart capital to help these businesses reach their full potential.”

The International Selection Panel (ISP) is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step selection process. At the ISP, top local and international business leaders interview candidates about their businesses and high-impact potential, and then vote on whether or not candidates become Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Post-selection, Endeavor provides entrepreneurs with customized services, including introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of creating thousands of jobs and building sustainable growth models in their home countries.

Endeavor will host five International Selection Panels in 2014.  Locations will be Jakarta, Indonesia; Florianopolis, Brazil; New York, NY; Istanbul, Turkey and Miami, FL.

Brief descriptions of the selected entrepreneurs and companies follow.


Entrepreneurs: Fernando Moya

Company: Ozono Producciones (www.ozonoproducciones.com.ar)

Description: Ozono Producciones has produced and promoted stage productions and live events for over a decade, showcasing Argentine talent both at home and in top locations worldwide. It finds creative talent, produces shows, and coordinates regional and international tours for both proprietary and licensed content. As co-owner of the Fuerza Bruta theater company, Ozono plays an integral role in the international staging of the global blockbuster Fuerza Bruta. Ozono is also responsible for the live show adaptations of Disney’s top children’s TV series Violetta, Topa, and Art Attack. Ozono recruits and trains local performers for each production, cultivating the next generation of artists and showcasing Argentine talent worldwide.


Entrepreneurs:  André Massa, Felipe Salvini, and Luis Vabo, Jr.

Company: Sieve (www.sieve.com.br)

Description: Sieve’s price intelligence tool pulls critical pricing and product information from online retailers’ websites. The proprietary technology uses a “web crawler” to search thousands of websites daily for prices so that retailers, manufacturers, and distributors can track competitors’ products on Sieve’s easy-to-use website and change their own prices accordingly. The company boasts over 300 clients in Brazil, including Walmart and Samsung, and has raised two rounds of funding from Arpex Capital. Looking forward, Sieve aims to add more customizable features and expand to Mexico, Southeast Asia, and the US.


Entrepreneurs from Sieve in a panel interview


Entrepreneur: Ahmed Ragab

Company: Baraka Optics Group (www.barakaoptics.com)

Description: Baraka Optics Group (2008) provides unique and quality eyewear products with premium service to meet the design and pricing needs of Egyptian middle to upper-class consumers. Growing out of an importer and distributor of foreign goods by the same name (Baraka, 1979), Baraka Group is a trusted and well-established brand with over 30 retail locations in metropolitan and resort locations throughout Egypt. Through its C & Co. product line, Baraka Group became the first company to offer Egyptian-branded eyewear and target the underserved youth population with trendy, affordable products. The company also offers its services through an innovative pop-up retail application, C & Co. Express.

Entrepreneurs: Hazem Dalati & Fahed Dalati

Company: Crave Restaurants (www.ticoeg.com)

Description: Crave’s casual dining restaurants fill the gap between Egypt’s high-end hotel restaurants and international chains. Brothers Hazem and Fahed Dalati take month-long trips to international food exhibitions and foreign restaurants to follow dining trends. They then change the Crave menu quarterly with new fusion dishes that adapt global cuisine to Egyptian tastes through creative local ingredients. The Tico parent company includes a catering arm for corporate and private celebrations, and a hospitality management service that organizes large-scale events at two Cairo business parks. Crave plans to add five restaurants in Egypt and five throughout the MENA region within three years, as well as grow its catering business.


Entrepreneur: Panos Paleologos

Company: HotelBrain (www.hotelbrain.com)

Description: HotelBrain, a leading hotel management firm, provides bespoke management and pre-opening consulting services to luxury boutique hotels, allowing owners to retain full control over their assets while improving guest experience and increasing revenue by an average of 20%. To improve the status quo within the hospitality industry, HotelBrain has established an education center to train management staff for placement within top hotels in the hospitality industry. HotelBrain isn’t just providing consulting services; the company is building an ecosystem, from managing hotels and consulting on new developments, to creating a community of hospitality insiders, and training the next generation of hotel management talent.


Entrepreneur: Omar Tabbaa

Company: EAT Restaurant Group (www.eat-jo.com)

Description: EAT offers four distinct themed restaurant brands in eleven locations across Jordan and Bahrain. The family-focused, alcohol-free EAT restaurants offer Italian, Asian, or modern Arab cuisine in thoughtfully decorated environments – and they stand out from typical traditional Jordanian casual dining experiences. Unlike foreign restaurant chain competitors, EAT focuses on sourcing ingredients locally with its own butchery and bakery to maintain quality and consistency and recently launched a customer loyalty card program, Group-wide food delivery service, and new shisha café brand. EAT plans to add 26 restaurants in eight countries over the next three years using its franchise model.


Entrepreneurs during Candidate’s Day


Entrepreneur: Hendy Setiono

Company: Kebab Turki Baba Rafi (www.babarafi.com)

Description: Kebab Turki Baba Rafi is the pioneer and leading consumer brand for Middle Eastern-inspired fast food in Indonesia. Baba Rafi manages 1,145 carts, stands and small store-fronts throughout Indonesia. Hendy Setiono, the entrepreneur behind Baba Rafi recently introduced the “Baba Rafi Academy,’’ an educational platform to develop the next generation of socially and environmentally responsible micro-entrepreneurs, many of whom gain professional experience as managers for his stores.

Entrepreneur: Elang Gumilang

Company: Elang Group (www.elanggroup.co.id)

Description: Elang Property makes the dream of homeownership a reality for thousands of lower-income Indonesians. A property developer based in Bogor, Elang Property focuses on developing subsidized houses. These houses are built with high-quality steel and concrete and are 36 square meters large and complete with two rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. For every project, Elang Property also builds kiosks, which residents can purchase to establish small stores, and provides property management services, such as security and waste management. Beginning next year, Elang Property will transition to building affordable but non-subsidized houses and focus on expanding beyond Bogor.


Entrepreneurs: Mohamad Arayssi, Maha Arayssi Rifai

Company: Beesline (www.beesline.com)

Description: Founded in 1993, Beesline is a brand of natural personal care products developed and produced in Lebanon. Based on the science of apitherapy (the medicinal use of bee by-products), Beesline products  are rich in natural active ingredients that are free of additives like artificial coloring, fragrances and harsh preservatives. With over 150 SKUs, the products offer specialized treatments for a wide range of skin care problems, such as acne and eczema, as well as cosmetic needs like make-up and skin-whitening items. These products are sold in thousands of pharmacies and supermarkets throughout the region in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE, as well as through Beesline’s retail store in Beirut.


Entrepreneur: José Luis Correa Artasánchez

Company: Leonali  (www.leonali.com)

Description: Leonali offers ready-to-eat, pre-cut and washed vegetables that preserve their freshness and nutritional integrity 10-25% longer than the industry standard. Leonali sells kid-friendly healthy snacks such as carrots and dipping sauce, ready-made salads, loose-leaf lettuce, prepared vegetables for soup, and side dishes like ready-to-cook broccoli. Consumers can purchase these products nationwide at supermarkets, wholesalers, and in entrees at restaurants. Leonali is one of the first movers within Mexico’s emerging pre-cut vegetable market, which is only expected to grow as Mexican consumers’ awareness of healthy foods increases and more steps are taken to confront the country’s obesity epidemic.

Entrepreneur: Hugo Moreno

Company: Ver de Verdad (www.verdeverdad.mx)

Description: Ver de Verdad’s 13 retail stores sell quality, stylish eyeglasses and accessories to low-income Mexican consumers at affordable prices. The company aims to bridge the gap between high-priced designer eyewear and the inadequate eyeglass options supplied to the nation’s poor by public health groups. Ver de Verdad provides a full vision diagnostic service, first offering customers a free eye exam and then helping them choose attractive frames. The customer’s unique specifications are then sent to one of three Ver de Verdad beveling and distribution centers to cut, assemble, and deliver the final eyeglasses within one hour. Ver de Verdad stores are strategically located in working class urban neighborhoods and the company plans to expand to cities across central and northwestern Mexico over the next few years.

Entrepreneur: José Antonio Chaurand

Company: Periscopio Media (www.pmedia.mx)

Description: Periscopio Media is writing a new chapter for the Mexican publishing world with its four distinct magazine titles, available in both online and print formats. With magazines that specialize in contemporary art, Mexican millennial culture, professional design, and urban challenges, PMedia digs into vogue issues that attract a niche audience of “influencers” in Mexican culture and politics. A veteran in the publishing world, Periscopio Media also licenses out its services through Documenta, a consulting branch that executes for corporate clients on any publishing need, from writing to final distribution.


Taking a break between panel interviews


Entrepreneur:  Jesus Rodriguez

Company: KidoZen  (www.kidozen.com)

Description:  KidoZen is an enterprise mobile platform that provides a simple, secure and scalable middleware to integrate back-end and line of business capabilities into a companies’ mobile apps.  Despite a crowded competitive landscape, KidoZen has been successful in quickly securing customers from a range of industries and geographies.  Customers include:  the United States Army, Royal Dutch Shell, Rio Tinto and Huawei.

Entrepreneurs:  Roger Duarte and Sam Gorenstein

Company: My Ceviche  (www.myceviche.com)

Description:  Entrepreneurs Roger Duarte and Sam Gorenstein are securing customers throughout the Miami area with a fresh take on fast-casual dining:  seafood in the form of ceviche.  Ceviche, a dish popular in the coastal regions of Central and South America, is made from raw fish or shellfish marinated in citrus juices, spiced with chili peppers and accompanied by sweet potatoes, corn or avocados. Founded in 2012, My Ceviche currently delivers a tasty, fresh and affordable range of ceviches, salads, tacos, burritos and stone crabs in a fast casual environment.  The company currently operates in two locations with three more set to open in 2014 – including one at the Miami International Airport.


Entrepreneur: Mourad Mekouar

Company: M2T (www.m2t.ma)

Description: In the absence of a centralized bill payment system in Morocco, Mourad Mekouar founded M2T, a multi-channel platform that enables un-banked customers at the base of the pyramid to pay bills, transfer money, and purchase mobile minutes and transportation tickets all in the same location – saving them time, money and energy. M2T processes over 40 million transactions each year, serving on average two million users per month through its 1,700 payment points across Morocco, Senegal and France. Having already captured 80% of the Moroccan bill payment market, M2T is poised to extend its service across MENA and Western Africa.

Entrepreneur: Youssef Chaqor

Company: Kilimanjaro Environment  (www.ekogeste.com)

Description: Kilimanjaro Environment is at the forefront of the green energy movement in Morocco. The company collects used cooking oil from restaurants and hotels, which it filters, treats, and resells to biodiesel manufacturers. It also resells fatty acid products to both biodiesel and feedstock production plants. Having recently launched a pilot biodiesel production plant, Kilimanjaro now also produces biodiesel in house. The company’s process not only eliminates and treats waste, but also helps reduce CO2 emissions and find new ways to create clean energy.


Entrepreneur: Emek Kırbıyık

Company: Düğün.com (www.dugun.com)

Description: Düğün.com (Turkish for “wedding”) is the biggest wedding planning platform in Turkey, connecting over 1,500 wedding vendors in 21 cities to engaged couples. Wedding vendors can create a profile on the website, showcasing their products and services to the thousands of engaged couples that use the website. These users, in turn, can explore vendor options in 30 wedding-related categories, from venues to photographers to gowns, in a convenient and easy-to-use portal. They can also contact the selected vendor directly for further information.

Entrepreneur: Bülent Tekmen and Çelik Ören

Company: İninal  (www.ininal.com)

Description: As the fastest-growing reloadable prepaid debit card provider in Turkey, İninal provides Turkey’s unbanked population with access to plastic. Ininal aims to become the bank for the unbanked, by offering İninal cards with online/offline transaction capabilities. The company plans to introduce new products with additional services like bill pay and money transfer. Founded in 2012, İninal has quickly created an extensive distribution network including top retailers and government offices, making its products accessible to 90% of Turkey’s population. The company has also shored up a strong loyalty program with a network of leading retailers, such as Samsung and Joygame, who provide İninal users discounts and special offers.


Entrepreneurs: Ravi Bhusari, Derv Rao, Brian Sigafoos

Company: Duplays (www.duplays.com)

Description: Based in Dubai, Duplays uses sport to engage communities, satisfying social and physical activity needs by removing the logistics and organizational hurdles that might otherwise deter participation. As a sports-network enabler, the company coordinates tournaments and leagues for individuals in over 20 sports, and has developed employee wellness programs for 65 corporations. Additionally, Duplays has hosted over 20 sports events sponsored by big-name brands looking to carry out initiatives to reach customers. Duplays recently launched two new initiatives: PlayPass, a technology platform to help sports/activities organizers plan and coordinate events, as well as franchising (already in Qatar, Jordan and India) to scale growth internationally.

Entrepreneur: Michael Lahyani

Company: Propertyfinder (www.propertyfinder.ae)

Description: Propertyfinder is an online real estate catalog that allows visitors to browse for free over 80,000 residential and commercial properties, posted by over 500 real estate agents in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Egypt. Users can filter their searches for price, location and size. Propertyfinder also publishes its own real estate tips and quarterly industry reports, as well as ‘Prestige,’ its luxury real estate magazine. Real estate agencies benefit from Propertyfinder’s one million monthly views, which generate over 120,000 monthly leads. In the coming years, Propertyfinder intends to expand throughout the Middle East.


A panel deliberation moderated by Endeavor VP Allen Taylor

Endeavor Board Chairman Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Discusses the Impact of Entrepreneurship with Reuters


Reuters reporter Jennifer Rogers sits down with Endeavor Board Chairman and former Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman, Jr. for its “Wealth Effect” video series to discuss his passion for philanthropy and Endeavor’s mission. The series regularly features “in-depth conversations with CEOs, high-profile investors and celebrities about how they give back to the world around them.”

In the interview, Bronfman cites his family as inspiration for his charitable efforts, and describes his investment in Endeavor as “not just about creating jobs, but about changing perceptions.” He also highlights the example of Leila Velez, whose success after her selection as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2005 demonstrates the potential of high-impact entrepreneurs to transform their communities and local economies.

Watch the entire interview to learn more about Bronfman’s take on the selection process, what has surprised him most about the organization, and how he plans to pass on the spirit of philanthropy to his kids.


Endeavor Partners with GLG Research to Add Value for Scale-Up Entrepreneurs

GLG_LOGO_SOCIALIMPACT_RGB_300PPIGerson Lehrman Group (GLG), the world’s largest membership for professional learning and expertise, has partnered with Endeavor to offer select entrepreneurs in need of business advisement the opportunity to consult with its experts.  Endeavor is a 15-year old non-profit that provides mentoring support and expert advice to over 500 “high-impact” companies in 19 countries around the world.  While Endeavor has its own volunteer network of over 1,000 professionals around the world who are committed to mentorship, the partnership with GLG has enabled Endeavor to enhance its offering through access to GLG’s network of over 375,000 subject matter and functional experts.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Endeavor on these high-impact projects,” said Jen Field, Director of Social Impact at GLG.  “Our mission and goals with respect to social entrepreneurship are most often in just the right alignment.”

“This partnership with GLG has allowed Endeavor to expand its range of high-impact services,” echoed David Wachtel, Endeavor’s SVP of Marketing, Communications and Partnerships. “These entrepreneurs were able to get additional advice tailored to their industries.”

Since 2012, GLG has supported Endeavor Entrepreneurs seeking expertise and insights related to specific areas of their businesses, from supply chain efficiencies to global expansion efforts.  One country where the partnership is proving very valuable is Egypt.  Endeavor has been operating in Egypt since 2008 but stepped up its operations after the events of the Arab Spring. Entrepreneurship is critical to Egypt’s economic future and, despite the current uncertainty, Endeavor has uncovered a number of promising companies with strong potential.  Endeavor turned to GLG for help identifying qualified experts that could offer custom insights to Endeavor businesses to enable them to grow and prosper amidst the challenging economic and political environment.

El Matbakh

imagesOne of a few select companies in Egypt providing full-service catering, El Matbakh evolved to focus exclusively on the corporate sector, where founders Tarek Khaddaj and Hiba Jammal saw a chance to offer personalized, turn-key food operations to the business class.  After their selection as Endeavor Entrepreneurs in 2010, Khaddaj and Jammal have seen steady growth in their industry and were in search of areas for expansion and operational improvement.  Earlier this year, Endeavor and GLG partnered to connect Khaddaj and Jammal with the CEO of a supply chain management consulting company and former Sodexo executive to discuss El Matbakh’s current and future needs.  The entrepreneurs sought counseling on methods of streamlining transportation, purchasing and vendor processes, as well as general advice on the global food service industry landscape and how they would be able to compete.

The GLG expert provided the El Matbakh team with a global perspective on their field along with objective feedback on their business and growth strategies that would allow them to adjust their long-term goals and diversify their client base going forward. “The insight was very helpful, and we are trying to apply some of the advice to our business model,” Khaddaj expressed in reference to their work with GLG.

The Bakery Shop (TBS)

untitledFounded in 2008, Tarek El NazerSameh El Sadat, and Basel Mashhour started TBS after recognizing an opportunity to offer fresh-baked European-style bread products to Egyptians in search of a more high-end bakery service. Serving a full range of items from baguettes to pastries, TBS operates independent retail stores as well as a B2B service for restaurants and sale stalls in supermarket chains. TBS has experienced rapid growth since its founding and, after selection as Endeavor Entrepreneurs in 2011, began developing expansion plans to open more locations and bring products to other regions.  Earlier this year, Endeavor and GLG connected TBS with a former director of bakeries at Kuwait Food Company with extensive experience in the regional food and manufacturing industries.  Seeking insight and advice on their business model as well as recommendations on broadening their product line, TBS worked with the GLG expert to clarify its goals and understand the best short- and long-term strategies for improving its offerings and expanding globally.  More recently, GLG connected TBS with the owner of a food and bakery industry consulting firm and independent consultant to fast food chain Pret-A-Manger.  The  consultant worked with TBS on methods for managing increased production demand and offered best practices for the establishment of a central production facility.

The sessions with GLG experts provided TBS’ entrepreneurs with customized advice to help streamline their business approach and customer base, as well as identify opportunities for product diversification, overhead reduction and supply chain improvement. With plans in progress to bring their brand to a wider audience, TBS’ founders acquired a more in-depth understanding of their strengths and areas for progress through access to GLG’s experts.

Learn more about GLG’s work by clicking here.

Endeavor Insight Releases “The 6-30 Report”, Spotlighting Scaleup Companies in Mexico

small__2061513637Endeavor Insight recently released “The 6-30 Report” with support from Omidyar Network, highlighting the contributions of scaleup companies towards job creation and economic growth in the country of Mexico. This is the third in a series of reports from Endeavor Insight that will focus on scaleup ecosystems worldwide and their significance in transforming emerging markets. The first two reports in the series focused on economies in Indonesia and Colombia.

Scaleup companies, defined as companies more than three years old with a minimum of 20% average annual employment growth, are becoming a critical component of economic and social development in Mexico and throughout the region. The report found that these businesses represent just 6% of the country’s total number of firms but created 30% of net new jobs over the past three years. For a market and economy like Mexico, with an estimated workforce growth of more than 7.9 million people by 2020, the demand for new jobs for young adults has never been higher. A reported 900,000 Mexicans between the ages of 15 and 24 are currently unemployed.

As a result, scaleup companies are critical to curating an environment for continued growth, addressing the challenge of unemployment by driving innovation, strengthening value chains, and paving the way for long-term economic expansion. As the largest job creators in the country, scaleups need access to the sort of services Endeavor works to provide, scaling  the right mix of talent, funding and networks to accelerate high-impact entrepreneurship that can transform a nation.

To read the full report and learn the methodology for these insights, click here.


December 2013 Newsletter

Dec2013NewsletterTo view Endeavor’s December newsletter, a recap of all the top news stories from the previous month, please CLICK HERE.

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2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit Video: Dave Goldberg and Wences Casares

From Endeavor’s invitation-only 2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit in San Francisco (June 20, 2013).

Over their careers, Endeavor Entrepreneur and Lemon Wallet CEO and founder Wences Casares and SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg have been entrepreneurs, investors, founders and successful CEOs. In this frank fireside chat on leadership through a company’s — and an entrepreneur’s — life cycle, the two draw straight from their years of experience in the business and venture capital worlds. Casares reflects on his role as founding CEO of five companies and Goldberg describes both a founder’s and a CEO’s mentality as he took SurveyMonkey from a 14-person team to a $1 billion global business.

Watch the playlist of excerpts from their discussion:

Dave Goldberg & Wences Casares:

On Following Your Passion

On Being an Entrepreneur-In-Residence

On Venture Pitching and Investments

On Building SurveyMonkey Into a Billion Dollar Business

On Successful Managers and Emerging Markets

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