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Endeavor Jordan Hosts Second Annual “Catalyzing Conversations” Event with Top Members of the Global Network

Endeavor Jordan hosted the second annual ‘Catalyzing Conversations’ event in collaboration with the 59th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Amman. ‘Catalyzing Conversations’ is a multi-tiered event featuring a series of interactive and motivational discussions with business leaders, entrepreneurs […]

June 30th, 2015 — by admin

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Endeavor Staff Convene at the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan

At the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan, Endeavor staff members from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, Uruguay, and the U.S. were present. Held from March 16th – 19th, the annual Congress convenes industry leaders, top entrepreneurs, […]

April 2nd, 2015 — by admin

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Members of the Endeavor Network to Participate in GigaOM’s Structure Data 2014 Event

Structure Data

From March 19-20th in New York City, GigaOM, a top technology-focused media outlet, will convene 900+ big data practitioners, technologists and executives at its Structure Data 2014 event. This year’s event will include  a session on “Analytics Without Limits” moderated by Endeavor Global Board Member Nick Beim. Egyptian Endeavor Entrepreneur Amr Shady of TA Telecom will be interviewed by Endeavor’s Director of Network & Business Development Shaun Young on big data’s growing role in the African market. In addition, GigaOM CEO Paul Walborsky, an active Endeavor Mentor, will be opening and closing the conference.

A prominent annual industry event, Structure Data provides participants with a forum to  examine how big data can drive business development and success. Experts from tech, healthcare, media and financial services and more will gather to discuss how the world’s biggest and most innovative companies are using data to make better products, build bigger profits and change the world. Speakers this year represent top brands like LinkedIn, Uber, Airbnb, Ford, Guess and Amazon, and include Dennis Crowlery (Foursquare), Ari Gesher (Palantir Technologies) and Julie Brill (FTC).

Register here today to claim discounted tickets through Endeavor.

Argentina’s Belatrix Software Partners with Silicon Valley-Based kernel; Highlights Endeavor’s Multiplier Effect


Endeavor Entrepreneur company Belatrix Software, founded by entrepreneurs Alex, Luis and Federico Robbio, was recently named a Co-Innovation Partner for kernel, a Silicon Valley-based software venture co-founded by Endeavor Mentor Avikk Ghose. This unique partnership is a testament to Endeavor’s model, both in terms of the mentor-entrepreneur connections that were formed and the “Multiplier Effect” of inspiring collaboration among members of the Endeavor network.

When it was first released in February 2013, Avikk’s kernel – a mobile web application that improves communications processes for companies – engaged the Endeavor network by enlisting the help of entrepreneurs Wilter du Toit and Antonio Carlos Soares for beta testing. Shortly after, Avikk was introduced to Alex, Luis and Federico at the 48th Endeavor ISP in Buenos Aires,  where the then-candidates quickly stood out with their expertise in software development and product architecture.

After the Belatrix founders were selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Avikk saw an exciting opportunity to work with the company, which helps clients turn product concepts into high-quality releasable software, and accelerate the development of kernel’s offerings. With the support of Belatrix’s expert team, kernel was able to act on the feedback provided during the beta testing phase.

“We were seeking a software innovation firm which could supplement our front-end development efforts,” Avikk said of the partnership. “Once we met Alex, Luis and the Belatrix team, we knew immediately we had found the right partner. With Belatrix, we can design and develop kernel faster.”

“Belatrix has a fast paced, idea-sharing culture,” echoed Alex. “At times, the sheer magnitude of information can feel like drinking from a fire hydrant. We saw immediate value in kernel’s approach of delivering communications with a high signal-to-noise ratio. Our executive team now uses kernel to access information and insights, so we can make better decisions and faster progress.”

As a result of the partnership, kernel released a subsequent version of its application in November 2013, ahead of schedule, and now operates with customers in Argentina, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico and South Africa, including Endeavor Entrepreneurs Gabriel Manjarrez of MiMoni and  Amr Shady of TA Telecom.

“The spirit of Endeavor is one of fostering relationships that can positively impact our entrepreneurs and mentors, and this is a great example,” said Bianca Martelli, Endeavor VP of Latin America and Southern Europe.

Learn more about the news on Belatrix’s Software Blog by clicking here.

Miami’s KidoZen and My Ceviche Profiled in The Miami Herald; Discuss Plans for Growth


Endeavor Entrepreneur companies KidoZen, founded by Jesus Rodriguez, and My Ceviche, founded by Roger Duarte and Sam Gorenstein, were recently featured in The Miami Herald’s Business Monday section, highlighting the growing presence of both companies in the region and the impact of being named Endeavor Entrepreneurs. As the first companies from Miami to join the Endeavor network at the 51st International Selection Panel in Dubai, these founders are transforming their local industries and demonstrating potential for high-impact growth.

KidozenKidoZen, an enterprise mobile platform that provides a secure and scalable software solution for companies, has witnessed stunning success in just the past year – the company opened its service to the public in 2013 and has already served 80 clients globally. The biggest challenge for the company now, as explained by the Herald, is keeping up with the rapid growth both in terms of acquiring talent and expanding its software offerings.

“Building the team that matches the culture of the company is our main task for the next six months,” Jesus said in the article. “We’re very committed to building in Miami so we are committed to finding talent in Miami, but we have a very high bar for talent, so it is taking time.” Read the full Miami Herald feature on KidoZen by clicking here.

My Ceviche

My Ceviche, a chain of fast-food restaurants looking to bring traditional Latin cuisine to the masses,  already has over 30 employees and is expecting to open two additional Miami-area locations within the year. With a unique offering and business model, Roger and Sam have set their sights on national expansion and on growing a line of food and beverage products, all the while maintaining a fresh approach to their ceviche staple.

“We’re both hungry and we both know there is a lot to learn and we listen,” Roger told the Herald. “We believe in Endeavor and how they can help take a business at a certain inflection point to a $100 million business.” Read the full Miami Herald feature on My Ceviche by clicking here.

Baydöner Honored with EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Turkey


Fast-food kebab chain Baydönerfounded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Levent Yılmaz and Feridun Tunçerwas recently named EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year (EoY) in Turkey, recognizing the company’s innovative business model and impact on the region’s economy.

EY, an Endeavor global partner, has been hosting the EoY Program for over two decades, expanding it to more than 50 countries with awards presented annually to over 900 of the world’s most successful and innovative entrepreneurs. In Turkey, the awards are currently in its ninth year and brought together five high-impact companies in the final round of judging for 2014.  With the support of the Hürriyet Daily News, CNN Türk and Endeavor Turkey,  the event convened some of the country’s leading businessmen and women, including Endeavor Board Member and Hürriyet Chairwoman Vuslat Doğan Sabancı who served as part of the jury panel. After earning the local EoY honor, Baydöner will represent Turkey at the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Awards taking place in June 2014 in Monte Carlo, Monaco where over 60 entrepreneurs will vie for this year’s global title.

Baydöner, which operates its chain of restaurants in more than 30 Turkish cities, has been an active member of the Endeavor network since their selection in 2012, including participation in branding workshops and tailored mentorship sessions. The entrepreneurs’ success  also led them to be profiled in the 2013 Endeavor Impact Report, which can be viewed here.

Read full coverage of the awards ceremony in the Hürriyet Daily News by clicking here.

Baydoner 3

Baydoner founders and Endeavor Entrepreneurs Levent Yılmaz and Feridun Tunçer

16 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 7 Countries Join the Endeavor Network

Jakarta Header

Jakarta, Indonesia- February 21, 2014 – Endeavor selected 16 high-impact entrepreneurs leading 11 companies in Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE at its 52nd International Selection Panel.

Endeavor now supports 888 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 569 companies in 19 countries. The entrepreneurs were chosen at a panel held from February 19 – 21 in Jakarta.

The International Selection Panel (ISP) is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step selection process. At the Jakarta ISP, business leaders from nine countries interviewed candidates about their businesses and high-impact potential, and then voted on whether or not candidates should become Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

“I want to welcome all of the new Endeavor Entrepreneurs to our network,” said Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg. “I particularly want to congratulate our affiliates in Southeast Asia. Endeavor Indonesia organized and hosted this flawless ISP – the first to be held in Southeast Asia – and Endeavor Malaysia successfully selected its first entrepreneur.”

Post-selection, Endeavor provides entrepreneurs with customized services, including introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of creating thousands of jobs and building sustainable growth models in their home countries.

Endeavor will host four additional International Selection Panels in 2014. Locations will be Florianopolis, Brazil; New York, NY; Istanbul, Turkey and Miami, FL.

Brief descriptions of the selected entrepreneurs and companies follow.


Members of the Endeavor network during an ISP dinner


Entrepreneurs: Mohamed Abdel Moneem Mostafa Abdel Moneem

Company: Al Sagheer Group (www.mohamedalsagheer.com)

Description: Al Sagheer Group operates 19 beauty services centers in Egypt, two in Dubai, UAE and one in Doha, Qatar. The centers provide an expansive offering of services, including hair, beauty, and spa treatments for men, women, and children of all ages. Al Sagheer Group also imports beauty products from premium brands like Guarani, Chanel, and Dior. The company sells directly to customers in its high-end, in-salon boutiques and also distributes them to other salons, pharmacies, and specialty boutiques in Egypt.


Entrepreneur: Arief Widhiyasa

Company: Agate Studio (www.agatestudio.com)

Description: With over 120 developed games and partnerships with premier Japanese studios, Agate Studio is one of Indonesia’s leading game development studios. Agate Studio creates a wide array of B2C games available on mobile apps and online, including the popular and award-winning Football Saga 2. Agate Studio also creates advertising and learning games for companies seeking innovative methods to market themselves and provides instruction in a fun, unique way.

Entrepreneur: Grace Judio-Kahl

Company: Shape Up Indonesia (www.shape-indonesia.com)

Description: As the first medically-supervised health care service focusing on obesity and weight loss in Indonesia, Shape Up is helping countless women and men through treatments combining medical, psychological, and cosmetic therapies. The clinics offer patients a comprehensive selection of drug regimens, quick fat-reduction treatments, group therapy programs, sessions with personal trainers, and healthy meal plans.


Entrepreneur: Jean-Marc Ingea

Company: Elcir (www.elcir.com)

Description: Elcir manufactures and installs furniture and woodwork for luxury hotels, high-end residential units, and corporate offices. After rebuilding his father’s company following the Lebanese Civil War, CEO Jean-Marc expanded Elcir’s services worldwide, from the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas to the presidential palace in Turkmenistan.

Entrepreneur: Jamil Corbani

Company: Green Studios (www.greenstudios.net)

Description: Green Studios designs and builds green walls and roofs, and provides its own independent landscape architecture services. Using its proprietary technology, which pumps water through a synthetic “skin” on which the plants grow, Green Studios’ builds walls that require three times less water than competitors. Green Studios has already worked with prominent Lebanese real estate developers and has secured projects in Dubai and Egypt to be completed in 2014.


Entrepreneurs during the ISP Candidate’s Day


Entrepreneur:  Hakim Karim

Company: GridMarkets (www.gridmarkets.com)

Description: Launched in 2013, GridMarkets’ B2B exchange provides firms that use a fraction of their in-house data centers with the ability to recover costs from servers that sit idle during off-peak periods. For firms with variable and project-based needs, GridMarkets offers a flexible and low-cost server solution. Unlike the primary market, which charges for a pre-set amount of capacity regardless of usage, GridMarkets allows its clients to buy and sell server capacity on a “pay-per-use” basis with no minimum commitments.


Entrepreneurs:  Juan Carlos Feregrino & José Antonio Feregrino

Company: Grupo Delicias

Description: Since taking over the reins of their family-owned dairy farm in 2000, Juan Carlos and José Antonio Feregrino have expanded their original product offering from milk and dairy byproducts, using proprietary technology to develop cost-effective, value-added cattle feed to sell to dairy farmers and feed lots. Compared to traditional feed, Grupo Delicias’s alternative solution costs about 12% less and, with up to 100% more protein, provides the nutrition needed for efficient meat and milk production.

Entrepreneurs:  Gonzalo Abascal, Javier Solano & Armando Rasgado

Company: Linko (www.linko.mx)

Description: Linko is an IT consultancy and software developer that improves customer experiences at financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies. It customizes an array of TIBCO and Pitney Bowes software that allows financial institutions to analyze customer transactions, communicate with customers effectively, and manage their customer service efficiently. Linko also develops its own software, ranging from white-label apps for banks to software platforms, to further enhance the customer experience.

Entrepreneurs: Pablo Pedrejón & Toby Clarence-Smith

Company: Petsy (www.petsy.mx)

Description: In the dog-eat-dog world of Mexican ecommerce, Petsy has become the leading online provider of pet supplies. Launched in June 2013, Petsy offers the widest and best selection of premium food, accessories, and care & maintenance products in Mexico. A fast, convenient, and affordable way to shop, Petsy ensures that pets receive the best care through its wide selection of competitively-priced pet supplies.


Entrepreneur: Ebrahim Aljassim

Company: HungerStation (www.hungerstation.com)

Description: HungerStation is the hottest new method for ordering food in Saudi Arabia. Its website and mobile app facilitate online food ordering, tracking and delivery. Those who cannot cook or drive, or do not have the time for either, can select the perfect meal from the countless restaurants available through HungerStation. The company provides access to restaurants without existing delivery services, which has helped expand options for restaurants and customers alike.


Entrepreneur:  Mona Ataya

Company: Mumzworld (www.mumzworld.com)

Description: Mumzworld is the leading e-commerce retailer in MENA focused exclusively on products for expectant mothers and their babies, infants, and young children. Since its launch in 2011, Mumzworld has developed the largest online inventory available in the Gulf Corporation Council. By offering customers free returns, quick delivery, and a best price guarantee, Mumzworld maintains a high customer satisfaction rate. In addition to its customer facing e-commerce platform, Mumzworld provides businesses with advertising opportunities, discounted corporate sales, targeted sample distribution, and online storefronts for traditional retail stores.


Global Chairman Edgar Bronfman, Jr. at the ISP’s closing gala

Mexico’s Mastretta Cars Opens First Global Dealership; Plans Expansion into the U.S.


Mastretta  Cars, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Carlos Mastretta Guzmánrecently unveiled its flagship global car dealership in Toluca, Mexico on the heels  of an announcement that the company is planning a larger expansion into Mexico and the U.S. The plan includes anticipated openings in the Mexican cities of Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City as part of a marketing strategy that will allow their customer base more direct access to their high-end line of sports vehicles. With growth expected to be in the double digits in 2014, Mastretta is working with the British Racing Group to open its first U.S. dealership in Philadelphia, which will help the company explore additional distribution points in the Americas.

Since its founding in 1987, Mastretta has set out to be one of a few Mexican automotive companies designing and building sports cars domestically. Selected as an entrepreneur in 2010, Carlos has received a number of services from Endeavor, including business and marketing guidance from a local advisory board and investment from Endeavor Catalyst.

Read media coverage of Mastretta’s expansion in national Spanish-language outlets including El Economista, El Financerio  and Vanguardia.


Endeavor Insight Report Spotlights Growing Entrepreneurship in Bogotá’s Tech Sector


Bogotá’s tech entrepreneurs have built over 100 companies and created thousands of jobs over the past two decades, according to a recent study by Endeavor Insight. With the support of Endeavor Colombia and the Omidyar Network, the research team interviewed over 200 tech entrepreneurs from more than 230 Bogotá tech companies and found that through inspiring, mentoring, and investing in one another, Bogotá’s tech entrepreneurs have underpinned the sector’s recent success. This study builds on Insight’s work identifying how entrepreneurship ecosystems develop and the central role entrepreneurs play in supporting one another and multiplying their collective impact.

In Bogotá, the study revealed over 300 personal and professional relationships among local tech entrepreneurs. Classified as one of five types – inspiration, mentorship, former employment, investment, or serial entrepreneurship – these connections allow Bogotá’s tech founders to invest their knowledge and resources into the next generation of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs featured on the study’s map have at least one connection to another entrepreneur in the broader Bogotá tech network, demonstrating that the city’s entrepreneurs are not only focused on building their own ventures, but also on multiplying their impact by supporting fellow and future generations of entrepreneurs.

As Colombia’s economy continues to emerge, Bogotá’s tech sector will not only drive job and economic growth, but also position the region to compete on a global scale. Alex Torrenegra and Tania Zapata, founders of Bunny Inc. and Endeavor Entrepreneurs, are models of the high-impact entrepreneurship that is integral to the continued growth of the sector and Bogotá’s economy. With over 20 direct connections to other Bogotá tech companies, Alex and Tania have created a platform that younger entrepreneurs have used to launch their own successful ventures. This “Multiplier Effect” is a critical part of Endeavor’s model, and the study demonstrates that a handful of entrepreneurs have the potential to scale-up their businesses, invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs, and transform a sector and the broader economy.

Read coverage of the research in Colombia’s El Espectador and find the full report, including details on all of the key findings and a full visual map of Bogotá’s tech sector, by clicking here for English and here for Spanish.

Endeavor Insight Releases Report Focused on Southeast Asia’s High-Impact Entrepreneurs


Endeavor Insight, supported by Omidyar Network, released a report studying high-impact entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. Using data from the World Bank Enterprise Survey, Endeavor Insight looked at more than 4,200 companies and found that in a number of Southeast Asian countries, scaleups are creating the majority of new jobs. The report also revealed that scaleups – companies growing at more than 20% per year over the past three years – represent only 14% of total companies but created 77% of net new jobs.

To understand the dynamics that allow these companies to create jobs and value for their economies, Endeavor Insight also interviewed ten of the top Southeast Asian entrepreneurs both in and outside of the Endeavor network. Coming from companies as diverse as a Filipino cut flower business to an Indonesian payments firm, these entrepreneurs share a common drive to succeed and passion for their business and product offerings. The interviews also revealed a number of recurring challenges among the region’s scaleups, including issues of  talent sourcing and access to customers and markets.

Read the full report, including detailed case studies of each entrepreneur interviewed, by clicking here.

Latin American Venture Capital Fund Kaszek Ventures Raises $135 Million


Kaszek Ventures, run by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Nicolas Szekasy and Hernán Kazah (co-founders of MercadoLibre along with Marcos Galperin) recently raised $135 million in a second round fund. Despite recent headlines discussing the turbulence in emerging markets, the substantial funding round shows promise for the region’s continual growth and investment opportunities.

The new fund’s investors include firms Horsley Bridge Partners, Sequoia Heritage and Kevin Efrusy, the partner at Accel Partners responsible for its early investment in Facebook. According to coverage in the New York Times, of the 22 companies that Kaszek has invested in, 17 have raised at least one subsequent financing round and 11 of those brought in new investors.

Nicolas, Hernán and Marcos were among the first entrepreneurs to be selected into the Endeavor network in 1999, and have subsequently become one of the Endeavor’s greatest success stories with MercadoLibre. Known as the eBay of Latin America, MercadoLibre was the first company in the Endeavor portfolio to have an IPO in the U.S., opening on the NASDAQ at $400 million in 2007. The entrepreneurs received a number of Endeavor services in their early stages, including placement with the eMBA Program, financial consulting, and connections with eBay, which acquired a stake in the company in 2002. Subsequently, Nicolas,  Hernán and Marcos have fulfilled Endeavor’s model by giving back to the organization, serving on Global Advisory Boards and as panelists and mentors.

Read the full article in New York Times’ Dealbook by clicking here.


Endeavor Investor Network Event Highlighted at Kauffman Fellows Global Summit in Sao Paulo

Investor network Logo

In January, the Endeavor Investor Network team co-hosted an event in Sao Paulo, Brazil with Brazil Innovators and the Kauffman Fellows Program that convened 40+ high-growth Brazilian companies and 40+ investment firms from the United States, Europe, Mexico and Brazil.  During the two-hour speed networking session – a hallmark of all Investor Network events – participants met with  up to ten companies each, resulting in 350+ formal investor-to-entrepreneur introductions.  Following the formal networking session, participants celebrated with a dinner hosted by the Kauffman Fellows Program.

As part of the larger Kauffman Fellows Global Summit, the investor event brought together 130+ leaders of the worldwide entrepreneurship ecosystem and promoted Brazil as a top market for investment. Throughout the 2014 Summit, Endeavor Entrepreneurs, network members and staff took the stage to discuss topics ranging from venture capital in Brazil to pan-regional companies launching local operations. Endeavor participants included entrepreneur Miguel (Mike) Santos of Technisys, board member Jason GreenEndeavor Catalyst‘s Allen Taylor and Leticia Queiroz of Endeavor Brazil.


Endeavor VP Allen Taylor at the KFP Global Summit

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