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Endeavor Investor Network Convenes Over 120 Entrepreneurs and Investors in NYC

On May 5th, the Endeavor Investor Network convened growth market leaders in New York City for a day of networking and learning. The invitation-only event gathered over 120 participants including Endeavor Entrepreneurs and leading investors […]

May 13th, 2015 — by admin

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Argentina’s Fën Hoteles Plans U.S. Expansion with Properties in NYC, LA and Miami

Argentina’s  Fën Hoteles, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Patricio Fuks and Alejandro Frenkel, recently announced that it is planning an expansion across the U.S.  In an agreement with  investment firm Rosental Group, the hotel management company will have 12 new […]

February 27th, 2015 — by admin

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Endeavor Greece Research Spotlights Local Entrepreneurship Scene; Featured in The New York Times and BloombergTV

endeavor-greece-logo-454280Endeavor Greece recently released findings in an infographic highlighting  the nation’s burgeoning entrepreneurship scene, the rise in local startups, and the influx of both domestic and foreign investment capital. With ventures in the ICT sector dominating, Greece is steadily making waves in the tech and innovation space as entrepreneurs lead the way for the region’s economic recovery. Between 2012 and 2013, the number of startups in the country more than doubled according to Endeavor Greece’s research, which was also mentioned in a recent New York Times article profiling the nation’s expanding ecosystem. In addition, Managing Director of Endeavor Greece Haris Makryniotis talked with BloombergTV about the nation’s “startup movement” and the potential for local entrepreneurs to become high-impact job creators, citing  the research and his own experiences with Endeavor’s Entrepreneurs.  View the full interview below or by clicking here.

When it was announced in  late 2012, the launch of Endeavor Greece made headlines in the midst of the country’s political and economic turmoil. Endeavor, however, saw a prime opportunity to bring its model to a struggling region and support high-impact, high-growth entrepreneurs that could create jobs and transform industries. Watch Linda Rottenberg discuss the the decision to enter Greece in this 2012 CNBC interview.


Lebanon’s Diwanee Media Announces Majority Acquisition by French Publishing Company Webedia


Diwanee, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Herve Cuviliez and Delphine Edde, recently announced a majority acquisition by the Paris-based digital media publishing company Webedia, which also injected $5 million in expansion capital into the company. Cited as one of the region’s largest digital media investments to date, the news not only demonstrates the impact that Endeavor’s entrepreneurs are having on their local economies, but also a rising interest in the Middle East’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

With a predominantly female readership, Diwanee creates and distributes content through its unique offering of Arabic-language websites focused on beauty, fashion, health, entertainment, retail and social media. Founded in 2008 with employees across three countries, the company’s five current web properties – each focused on a different vertical – garners over five million unique visitors per month. With its sights set on the increasingly global landscape of lifestyle products, fashion and internet retail, Diwanee has carved out a niche but growing market in the Middle East, working with a number of its brands and sponsors to create custom content and craft engaging digital and web strategies. Diwanee’s new owner Webedia, which carries similar lifestyle-focused properties in its portfolio, has 40 million unique global users and  established presences in France, Brazil, Turkey, Germany and Spain. The  investment signifies a move for the French company to enter the Middle East while also helping Diwanee’s team develop their current offerings and explore new verticals. 

“Diwanee was at a point where we could do more on the technology side and data side, but it didn’t make financial sense to do it on our own,” said Herve in a statement. “We were very interested in doing this as part of a much larger group. It was a great synergy [with Webedia], and it’s very exciting.”

Since their selection as Endeavor Entrepreneurs at the 46th ISP in Miami in 2012, Herve and Delphine have been active members of the Endeavor network, including participation in the 2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit and Endeavor Investor Network events. Read  the press release of the announcement by clicking here, and see coverage of the news in Wamda and Campaign Magazine.

Endeavor Insight Report on What Entrepreneurs Want in a City Featured in Inc. Magazine and The Atlantic

Inc-Magazine-LogoA report by Endeavor Insight released in February examines the top qualities that American entrepreneurs look for when choosing a city to live and work. With research based on surveys and interviews with 150 founders of some of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., the report offers some important takeaways for policymakers and continues to receive media coverage in notable outlets like The Atlantic, The Atlantic Cities and Inc. Magazine.

James Fallows cited the report in an article for The Atlantic, arguing that national policy – including tax rates and regulatory breaks – usually has little to do with where businesses and populations eventually settle and grow. Rather, the quality of life and attractiveness of a locale takes priority for most high-impact entrepreneurs, as Endeavor’s research reveals. Similarly, Richard Florida highlighted the report’s key findings in a piece for The Atlantic Cities, noting the importance of factors like talent and customer access, quality of life and urban infrastructure to entrepreneurs’ decisions. Picking up on Florida’s observations, Inc. Magazine’s Ilan Mochari spotlighted the research and the importance of looking beyond the “startup” phase at the crucial point of “scaleup”, when small enterprises  have the largest potential for high-impact growth – the key focus of the Endeavor model.

To read the full articles from each publication, click the links above. To view the full Endeavor Insight report click here, and also see an infographic summary of the findings below.


GigaOm Structure Data Session with Endeavor Entrepreneur Spotlights Big Data in Africa

gigaomReprinted from GigaOm. Read the original article by Kevin Fitchard by  clicking hereThanks to GigaOm, Endeavor Egypt and Endeavor eMERGE California. In this session, Egyptian Endeavor Entrepreneur Amr Shady spoke with Endeavor VP of Business & Network Development Shaun Young about big data, mobile and opportunities in emerging African markets. This article includes a video of the full session, which can also be viewed by clicking here.

“There’s plenty of consumer data that can be mined in Africa, but it just happens to be controlled by the mobile operators. TA Telecom CEO Amr Shady explains how startups can put that data to use.

Is there a big data opportunity in Africa? TA Telecom CEO and founder Amr Shady believes there’s a big one. Only 15 percent of Africans may have access to the internet on a PC, but there is a wealth of information to be mined from the mobile operators who effectively have a lock on data services on the continent, Shady said speaking at GigaOm’s Structure Data conference on Wednesday.

“To talk about big data in Africa we have to look at where the data is being is being created,” Shady said. 60 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile phones. Only a third of mobile users who generate that traffic have a mobile data connection. The rest are using basic voice and SMS services, he said.

If you sampled data from social media to try to understand consumer behavior or public opinion in Africa, you’ll most likely reach incorrect conclusions, Shady said. But by analyzing patterns in how consumers use mobile services, TA Telecom is able to glean much more accurate data about them. It in turn parses that data to target advertising and subscription content at specific consumer segments at the behest of its carrier customers.

Shady, however, said there are many more opportunities to put that carrier data to work. TA Telecom has invested in a startup that uses cell tower location data to measure vehicle traffic conditions on Africa’s roads, he said. Also, Shady believes that because of their close relationship to consumer data, mobile carriers will be the incubators for future entrepreneurs in Africa. Instead of the Microsoft or Apple Mafia, we’ll see a Safaricom or a Vodacom Mafia create the next generation of data startups.”

Endeavor Entrepreneurs to Speak at UC Berkeley’s Latin American Business Conference

labhaUniversity of California, Berkeley’s 5th Annual Latin American and Hispanic Business Association Conference will take place on April 4th and convene top business leaders, academics and entrepreneurs interested in the growth and development of business in Latin America. The 2014 event will feature a keynote from Endeavor VP of Global Network Allen Taylor and presentations from Endeavor Chile Entrepreneurs Daniel Undurraga of Seahorse and Clandescuento and Esteban Sosnik of Atakama Labs. 

Hosted by the LAHBA, a student-run organization under the Haas School of Business, the full-day conference has become a top university event for business and political leaders interested in sharing their experiences and insights on current trends and future opportunities in Latin America. This year’s conference theme, “Scaling Up Innovation”, will be highlighted by panels focused on high-impact entrepreneurship, technology and corporate innovation and feature speakers from global brands like Sony, GE, Skype and eBay.

View the full conference agenda by clicking here.

Wences Casares, Endeavor Entrepreneur and Global Board Member, Announces New Xapo Venture


Serial entrepreneur and investor Wences Casares, whose success story has been a testament to Endeavor’s model, recently announced the launch of Xapo, an online wallet and vault application for Bitcoin currency. One of the first entrepreneurs selected by Endeavor, Wences has been involved in a number of successful startup ventures, including Patagon.com, MECK, and Wanako Games, transitioning to serve as a top mentor and angel investor for the Endeavor network.

Capitalizing on the headline-making rise of Bitcoin, a digital currency and payment network introduced in 2009, Xapo is positioned as the the industry’s first company to offer online and offline Bitcoin security with a cold storage vault and virtual wallet protected by proprietary security measures. Xapo’s team is composed of financial and security experts with experience in building financial products and, by offering a wallet and a vault function in one place, the company is streamlining the exchange and savings process for all users.

“When I first learned about Bitcoin in 2009, I immediately saw the promise and utility of the currency and platform,” Wences said in a statement about Xapo. “I believe that a digital currency like Bitcoin could solve the disjointed nature of our world economy, but to do so, it must address two key themes: trust and accessibility.”

The product has already raised $20 million in Series A funding from key partners. This news comes on the heels of the acquisition of Lemon Wallet, Wences’ most recent financial products venture, which was acquired by LifeLock last December in a deal worth $50 million.

Read more about the Xapo launch in Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal, Re/code and Fortune Magazine.

Endeavor and Lebanon Entrepreneur Company Beesline Profiled in Executive Magazine


Executive Magazine, a Lebanon-based business news publication, recently featured Endeavor Entrepreneur company Beesline, founded by Maha Arayssi Rifai and Mohamad Arayssi, in a profile on the company’s business model and the impact of joining Endeavor’s network. Selected at the 51st International Selection Panel in Dubai, Beesline develops natural and effective skincare and beauty products derived from bee by-products, building a brand that is now sold at thousands of retail outlets throughout the Middle East region.

The article highlights the steady success of the company, growing from a small family venture in 1993 to a high-impact consumer products brand catering to an international market. Combining their professional backgrounds in pharmacology and chemistry, the founding team of siblings derived many of their product lines from research conducted into organic and sustainable compounds. In two decades, the business has now grown to 180 employees with revenues in the millions, demonstrating the opportunities for scale-up growth and investment in the region.

Since joining the Endeavor network in 2013, Beesline has received strategic guidance on their products and business strategy from local advisory board members and mentors. One recommendation was for the company to focus more on their lines of halal-friendly products in order to drive expansion to other Muslim countries in the region where the market is still niche. In addition, experts at a local Endeavor panel suggested that the company focus more efforts on marketing as well as talent development, areas that the founders are now working on enhancing as they eye plans for future expansion.

Read the full profile in Executive Magazine by clicking here.


Founders of Beesline at the 51st International Selection Panel in Dubai

Endeavor Entrepreneurs and Mentors Participate in the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival


Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Mentors and staff attended five days of networking and mentoring sessions in Austin, TX as part of the 2014 SXSW Interactive festival, a premiere event focused on innovation and cutting-edge technology. In its 21st year, the festival has become a leading incubator of entrepreneurship and creativity, featuring panels, presentations and showcases from top brands, startups and industry leaders. Many members of the Endeavor network have participated in the festival in past years.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs from the Middle East and Latin America were in attendance this year, including Ala’ Alsallal of Jamalon, Selçuk Atlı of Boostable and SocialWire, Manolo Diaz of Yogome, Guibert Englebienne of Globant, Martin Frascaroli of Aivo, Hassan Hamdan of OTS, Tomás Pollak   and Diego Morales of Prey, Mariano Suárez Battán of Mural.ly, Zafer Younis of Modern Media and Eli Habib of Anghami. Many participated in formal and informal networking and mentoring sessions where they had the opportunity to promote their brands and knowledge-share with industry professionals. Endeavor Mentors in attendance included Joi Ito from the MIT Media Lab, Aasil Ahmad of Discourse Analytics, Pablo Salazar Rojo of Naranya Ventures, Jason Costa of Pinterest and Mike Abbott of KPCB, many of whom also spoke on panels throughout the week. In addition, Endeavor Entrepreneurs and Mentors were given access to the Kauffman Fellows VIP Lounge, a common meeting space sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation, and registrations to the annual Hometown Hangover Cure party, sponsored by Austin Ventures.

View the full Endeavor SXSW event agenda for 2014 by clicking here.


Entrepreneurs gathering for the first day of the festival

MIT’s Latin American Conference Features Members of the Endeavor Network

MITLatAmConfTop members of the Endeavor network recently participated in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Latin American Conference, an annual event organized by Sloan School of Management students to promote international development and awareness of the region’s business and investment opportunities. This year’s conference included panel discussions and a Startup Competition that featured Endeavor President Fernando Fabre, Endeavor Entrepreneurs and Board Members Andy Freire and Heberto Taracena, and Miami Board Member Adriana Cisneros.

The one-day event convened over 300 students, business leaders, policymakers, and academics to discuss issues around entrepreneurship, finance, sustainability, and politics as it relates to the region’s growth. This year’s agenda featured panel discussions focused on entrepreneurship success stories, the evolving retail landscape, and business challenges in the region’s markets.

Along with the conference, the 2nd Annual MIT Latin American Startup Competition offered students the chance to compete in teams and develop pitches for their Latin American-focused ventures. Nine teams, representing industries ranging from education to design, participated this year. The team behind Twnel, a B2C mobile messaging app, was named the winner after rounds of deliberations by a judging panel that included Fernando, Andy, Heberto and Adriana.

“It is a great moment to be an entrepreneur in Latin America,” said Antonio Osio, one of the competition’s organizers. “It is nice to see that both Latin American and international students from top MBA programs are increasingly moving away from traditional career paths and launching new startups in the region instead.”

Learn more about the conference by clicking here.


Judges and participants at the Startup Competition

2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit Video: John Donahoe

This video was filmed during Endeavor’s invitation-only 2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit in San Francisco (June 2013).

In this keynote, eBay CEO John Donahoe speaks about the transformation of retail, bridging the online and offline, and the future of commerce. Under his leadership, eBay has become a global commerce platform and payments leader, with revenue in 2012 of $14.1 billion. Across its eBay, PayPal and GSI Commerce platforms, the company enabled $175 billion of commerce in 2012, which represents about 18% of e-commerce worldwide and about 2% of global retail. The company is also a mobile commerce leader, with a mobile commerce volume of $13 billion and a PayPal mobile payments volume of $14 billion in 2012. With eBay focused on enabling commerce as a partner, not a competitor, Donahoe addresses the importance of founders and entrepreneurs in innovating-at-scale and transforming the traditional retail industry.

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