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Turkey’s Iyzico Raises Series B Round of Funding with Participation from Endeavor Catalyst

The Istanbul-based Iyzico, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Barbaros Özbugutu and Tahsin Isın, raised a  $6.2 million Series B round of funding led by IFC, 212 and Speedinvest, with participation from Endeavor Catalyst.  The payments company provides a platform to […]

May 28th, 2015 — by admin

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Mexico’s Yogome Announces R&D Partnership with Yale University to Explore Educational Gaming

Yogome, the leading developer of highly engaging, educational mobile games for children in elementary school, has announced a two-year, research and development partnership with the play2PREVENT (p2P) Lab at Yale University, a video game and mobile game research initiative. Yale’s p2P Lab […]

March 24th, 2015 — by admin

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Representatives from Five Endeavor Entrepreneur Companies Attend EY Strategic Growth Forum in Shanghai

ey_logo_detail copyRepresentatives from five Endeavor Entrepreneur companies attended EY’s Strategic Growth Forum (SGF) this month in Shanghai, joining  nearly a thousand attendees in two days of networking and discussion around growth strategies in China and other international markets. With China’s rapidly growing influence on the world economy, the SGF offered attendees the chance to learn about key regional issues including government regulation, industry innovation, talent development, and corporate sustainability.

 The entrepreneurs’ companies that were represented, including Brazil’s Toys Talk and Uatt?, Egypt’s E-MasaryIndonesia’s Baba Rafi and Greece’s Out There Media, had the opportunity to explore the vast investment market in China and hear from some of Asia’s top business and industry leaders. As an Endeavor partner, EY has offered valuable services to Endeavor Entrepreneurs through events like these and sponsored programs like the EY Vantage Program.

To view highlights from the Forum, including recaps of each panel session, click here.

SGF China Endeavor picture

Entrepreneurs and EY representatives during an SGF dinner

Endeavor Uruguay Spotlights Entrepreneur’s Multiplier Effect, Featured in El País

EndeavorUruguayEndeavor Uruguay recently published a map of Endeavor’s Multiplier Effect in the country, highlighting the local entrepreneurship ecosystem and the contributions of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Published as part of Uruguay’s 2013 Impact Report, the map focuses on the impact of Endeavor Entrepreneur Gabriel Colla, founder of IT services firm Infocorpand the employees, investments, and ventures he has inspired throughout Uruguay. Endeavor has also mapped the Multiplier Effect in affiliate countries including Argentina, Colombia, Turkey, and Chile.

Top Uruguayan newspaper El Pais interviewed Gabriel as a result of the map, spotlighting his work as an Endeavor Entrepreneur and mentor. His Multiplier Effect  the companies, entrepreneurs, partners and employees he and Infocorp have influenced over the years  reaches over 30 of the region’s top tech and startup ventures, with many outside of the Endeavor network. In the article, Gabriel discusses the mutually beneficial relationships between mentors and entrepreneurs that encourage collaboration, knowledge-sharing and community building in ecosystems that need it the most. Read the full article in Spanish by clicking here.

Since his selection as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2002, Gabriel has become an Endeavor success story, leveraging the mentorship and advisory services provided to him to grow Infocorp from a small software training company into a global technology solutions firm with clients in over a dozen countries. As an active Endeavor mentor, Gabriel now provides guidance and recommendations to potential entrepreneurs in the pipeline.

View Gabriel’s Multiplier Effect in the 2013 Endeavor Uruguay Impact Report below, or by clicking here.

Indonesia’s Kebab Turki Baba Rafi Expands to Brunei and Singapore

logo_Kebab-TurkiKebab Turki Baba Rafifounded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Hendy Setiono, recently announced that it has expanded its chain of fast food outlets to Brunei and Singapore. As part of a global expansion effort to enter 10 new countries by the end of the year, this announcement demonstrates a critical step towards achieving that goal. The steady success of Baba Rafi illustrates the impact that scaleup entrepreneurs can have on regional economies and job growth given access to the right mix of mentorship and professional development opportunities. 

Having reached a cooperation agreement with five other countries including Malaysia, the Philippines, the Netherlands, China and Sri Lanka, the opportunities in Brunei and Singapore cement the chain’s international reach. As two of the key markets in Southeast Asia, the strategic positions and economic impact of these countries ensures that Baba Rafi is well on its way to becoming a globally recognized brand.

What began in 2003 as a street cart operated by Hendy, Baba Rafi is now one of the world’s largest kebab food chains with more than 1,100 franchised or company-owned outlets. The “Baba Rafi Academy”, an educational platform for employees, was also started as a means to inspire social and environmental responsibility in future generations of business leaders. Since joining the Endeavor network in 2013, Hendy has received strategic mentoring from a local board of  advisors along with ongoing support from the team at Endeavor Indonesia. In addition, Hendy’s high-impact success has allowed him the opportunity to become an Endeavor mentor for potential entrepreneurs looking to join the network.

Read more about the announcement from Endeavor Indonesia by clicking here


Hendy Setiono during a panel interview at the 51st ISP

Endeavor Saudi Arabia Celebrates the Impact of Endeavor, Convenes 200+ Influencers


Endeavor Entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia honored at the event

In May, Endeavor Saudia Arabia brought together more than 200 entrepreneurs, business leaders and policymakers in a gala event that celebrated the official launch of the affiliate, which was announced in 2012. The event took place in Riyadh, the nation’s capital, with key public officials including Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, Minister of Commerce and Industry, and Dr. Mohammad Al-Jasser, Minister of Economy and Planning, in attendance. Kicking off with an introduction to the magic of Endeavor, local board chairman Rami Al-Turki discussed the impact of scale-up entrepreneurship on the region’s development.

“Endeavor helps entrepreneurs to unleash their potential in several ways, including introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms,” Rami explained during the ceremony. 

Managing Director Rakan Al-Eidi highlighted key data and facts about Endeavor’s growth and stressed the importance of supporting local role models and promoting entrepreneurship for future generations, particularly in the Middle East’s growing markets. All eight of Endeavor Saudi Arabia’s current entrepreneurs were honored at the event and discussed Endeavor’s role in helping them grow and transform their businesses. Endeavor mentor Dave McClure, founder of 500 Startups, also took the stage to underline the importance of investing in entrepreneurship in emerging economies.

Announced in 2012, Endeavor Saudi Arabia became the fifth Endeavor affiliate in the MENA region, which now includes Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and the UAE. Read additional coverage of the event in Arab News by clicking here

Mexico’s Naranya Labs Partners with NXTP Labs to Form New Latin America-Focused Seed Fund

naranyaMexico-based seed fund and accelerator Naranya Labs, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Arturo Galvan, recently announced a partnership with accelerator NXTP Labs to form a new early-stage capital fund that will invest at least $8 million in Mexico’s startup ecosystem. Both firms are aiming to broaden their reach across Latin America and this new fund, supported by a grant from Mexico’s National Entrepreneur Institute, serves as a critical step. The $8 million is expected to be used to invest in 48 startups in the country while also covering follow-on investments over a period of four years. Currently, the fund’s portfolio includes more than 150 companies and aims to support up to 300 startups across the region.

With a $50 million investment target,  the fund’s fundraising stage is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. The collaboration will also ensure that the firms will have full coverage in key Latin American markets including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay.

“The support of the Mexican government is essential to promote the talent of innovative Mexican startups throughout the region. It sets an example to be followed by other countries in Latin America,” said Arturo in a statement.

Since his selection by Endeavor in 2011, Arturo and his team have been active members of the network. Arturo has served as both an ISP panelist and recommended potential entrepreneurs into the Endeavor pipeline. In addition, Naranya has participated in top Investor Network events and received custom advisory sessions with global mentors.

Read more about the partnership announcement in NXTP Labs’ press release, The Next Web, and The Miami Herald.

Endeavor and Entrepreneurs’ Organization Collaborate to Further Support for Entrepreneurs Worldwide

EO_primary_CMYKEndeavor President Fernando Fabre and Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s (EO) SVP of Global Membership Brian Costanzo recently announced that the two organizations are teaming up to advance their support of high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. EO is a global non-profit business network that aims to “engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow”  with more than 120 chapters across 41  countries. Offering everything from educational programming to healthcare services, the membership-based organization helps entrepreneurs thrive by providing access to a number of resources focused on personal growth.

As EO expands its chapters and network, Endeavor plans to work with the organization to uncover areas for mutual growth and mission alignment in order to advance entrepreneurship ecosystems in the markets that need it the most. Endeavor’s country affiliates and EO’s chapters have already begun working together to support entrepreneurial development in nations like Mexico, Greece, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. EO’s reach will provide valuable insight to Endeavor as it aims to expand to 25 countries by 2015.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs also expressed their support for the collaboration.

“Endeavor has helped me think big in terms of my business; EO has helped me understand that one has to be okay with oneself in order to grow a business,” said Arturo Merino of financial services firm Arccanto. “Endeavor and EO together are an explosive combination.”

“Working with both organizations has helped me enjoy growing with a wonderful and unbeatable network,” echoed Hugo Hernández Basulto, founder of Mexico-based manufacturer Lindes.

Learn more about EO by clicking here.

Barclays Advisory Session and Tour Spotlights Education-Focused Endeavor Entrepreneurs

BarclaysLogoOn May 15th, Endeavor held a Youth Impact Advisory Session & Education Tour, a day-long event in New York sponsored by Barclays and geared towards Endeavor Entrepreneurs working in the education sector. Representatives from five Endeavor Entrepreneur companies participated, including ASK for Human Capacity Building, Campoalto, Enova, IPETH, and LumniWith a focus on youth and underprivileged communities, the work of these entrepreneurs provides a range of training and educational services. Combined, their businesses employ over 650 people and serve nearly 200,000 individuals across Latin America, the U.S. and the Middle East.

The day began at Barclays’ offices in Times Square with the inaugural Barclays-Endeavor Youth Impact Advisory Session. Each Endeavor company was paired with a team of 4-6 senior executives from Barclays who provided strategic advice and guidance to address each company’s specific challenges in strategy, finance, operations and processes. In the afternoon, the entrepreneurs participated in networking sessions and discussions with one another, finding ways to foster collaboration and improve their own business operations.

Guest speaker Jeremy Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer at 2Uoffered insight into how online programs and technologies are changing the education space in both the U.S. and abroad. Carlos Dominguez, the Senior Vice President, Office of the Chairman and CEO at Cisco Systems, also stopped by to discuss innovation, organizational culture, and methods for adapting to the rapidly changing conditions of the industry. In addition, Endeavor partnered with a team from the Concordia Summit during the day to co-host a live Twitter conversation with Carlos, which engaged Endeavor Entrepreneurs and Twitter users around the world to address key issues facing the education sector. View highlights of the digital conversation by clicking here.

“It was an amazing and insightful day, the discussions in the morning with Barclays and afterwards with Jeremy and Carlos,” said entrepreneur Amin Amin of ASK. “Many thanks to the Endeavor team for all of the hard work in making this happen and for providing these amazing opportunities to all of us.”


Endeavor Entrepreneurs from Campoalto meet with Barclays advisors


The entrepreneurs who attended represent a range of educational services and products. Learn more about their companies below:

Founded by Amin Amin, the Jordan-based ASK (Attitude, Skills and Knowledge) for Human Capacity Building develops innovative programming and offers consulting services with a special focus on education. Realizing that the biggest challenge to development in the region was the lack of human capacity, Amin’s focus on bridging the missing link between education and employment has made his organization a pioneer in the sector. With the support of a USAID-funded Education Reform Support Program (ERSP), the company is responsible for implementing the Jordan Schools Program (JSP) with operations continuing to expand throughout the Middle East. Since joining Endeavor in 2009, Amin has been active in the network, notably participating in Endeavor Summit and Investor Network events.

campoaltoColombia’s Campoalto, founded by Hugo Fernando Novoa, Alvaro Hoffmann, and Andrés Angulo, focuses on providing training in various professions to low-income students, particularly disadvantaged women. The company operates campuses across Colombia, including a fully-equipped clinical facility, and offers flexible schedules and an affordable pay-as-you-go model. The company’s team has expanded to over 16 different training programs, becoming the first institution in Colombia to be accredited in a new sector of government-regulated education. After joining Endeavor in 2010, the entrepreneurs have received custom advisory sessions from local mentors as well as support from Endeavor’s G-Lab program.


Enova is a social enterprise in Mexico that designs innovative educational models and spaces, with the mission of bringing accessible technology to low-income communities in order to close the digital divide. The organization designs, builds and operates cost-effective and sustainable educational centers called the “RIA” which provides populations in marginalized neighborhoods with access to community spaces where they can take courses, use computers and more. Enova’s e-learning courses have been made available to both children and adults and teach a wide range of subjects and skills. Founders Jorge CamilRaúl Maldonado and Mois Cherem Arana joined the Endeavor network in 2011 and have participated in custom mentoring sessions while also receiving support from Endeavor’s eMBA and EY Vantage programs.


 IPETH, founded by Arturo Macip and Alejandro Cuervo Guevara, is a university based in Puebla, Mexico that offers bachelors degrees in physical therapy and primarily targets low-income students who would not normally be able to enroll in four-year degree programs. The university focuses on providing world class instruction and solid employment opportunities for alumni, expanding to campuses in Mexico City and developing programs at undergraduate and post-graduate degree levels. Since the entrepreneurs were selected in 2011, the company has connected with advisory board members and received introductions to top mentors, receiving strategic guidance on their expansion plans.

logo_lumni_verticalA venture capital fund that invests directly in human capital, Lumni finances education for students in exchange for a small fixed percentage of their future income over a pre-set time period. Founded by Colombian entrepreneur Felipe Vergara, the firm currently operates in Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru and the U.S. Since joining Endeavor, Felipe has grown Lumni to support thousands of students, with significantly low dropout and default rates. Lumni’s investors include individuals and corporations, with current and forthcoming capital funds totaling in the millions of dollars. A Wharton MBA and former consultant who has long been passionate about reducing the education gap, Felipe has grown Lumni’s innovative model since his selection in 2009 with the support of a team of local mentors and network members.

Endeavor Marketing Retreat Convenes Staff from 16 Countries in New York City


Marketing staff members from 16 countries at the Global office

Marketing and communications staff from 16 of Endeavor’s countries spent three days in the Global offices in New York City for the organization’s first worldwide marketing retreat, which was comprised of  of workshops, speaker sessions, site visits and networking events.

Speakers with expertise in areas ranging from event planning to social media provided staff with strategic insight into their respective industries. On the first day, Ari Kuschnir of creative production company m ss ng p eces and Susan McPherson of social good consultancy McPherson Strategies addressed the topics of storytelling, brand awareness and digital marketing. With a focus on content creation and social media, the second day featured a visit to digital agency Barbarian Group and presentations from Drew Train, Business Director of brand agency OBERLAND, and Katrina Craigwell, Head of Global Digital Programming for General ElectricThe final day brought in Patricia Meier, former U.S. CEO of HSM, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs Eduardo Bruchou and Nelson Duboscqto discuss her experiences planning large-scale events. 

Ultimately, the retreat promoted internal discussion around global branding, content and event strategies in order to better serve Endeavor’s mission as the leading supporter of high-impact entrepreneurship worldwide. One key discussion item revolved around the usage of the Endeavor Entrepreneur seal, a logo designed to allow entrepreneurs to showcase their Endeavor distinction online or in print. For entrepreneurs interested in receiving a high-resolution version of the seal, please contact your local offices.  

Linda Rottenberg Discusses Lessons in Entrepreneurship for Stanford’s eCorner Series

In this talk for Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner, Linda Rottenberg shares smart lessons for cutting an entrepreneurial path in a turbulent world. Touching on elements from her upcoming book, Crazy is a Compliment, Rottenberg unpacks insights from her personal journey and explores Endeavor’s work driving high-impact entrepreneurship in growing markets worldwide.

Watch the full video below and by clicking here.

Mexico’s Tatiana Bilbao Profiled in The New York Times’ T Magazine

TMagazineMexico-based architect and Endeavor Entrepreneur Tatiana Bilbao, founder of her own eponymous design firmwas recently profiled in T Magazine, The New York Times‘ style publication. The article highlights Tatiana’s growing prominence in the architecture world and her distinct design style that the magazine identifies as “eco-Brutalism”, referencing a modern approach to the aesthetic of 1960s and ’70s design. 

With a focus on transforming underused, neglected and remote spaces across Mexico’s urban and rural areas, Bilbao’s portfolio of work includes everything from churches to public housing to academic research centers. In addition, the firm’s designs emphasize sustainability in water and waste management and energy usage. Building upon her growing success and recognition, Tatiana aims to turn her firm’s model into a scalable business that could provide similar environmental and socially conscious creations worldwide.

Since joining the Endeavor network in 2010, Tatiana has received tailored guidance on her firm’s growth and expansion plans from a team of local mentors. In addition to the T Magazine feature, Tatiana’s work was highlighted in a Wall Street Journal article in March about open-source blueprint platform Paperhouses.

View the full T Magazine article by clicking here.


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