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Mexico’s Travesias Media Selected By Banamex to Publish Corporate Magazines

Mexico’s Travesias Media, founded by entrepreneur Javier Arredondo, announced that it was selected by Grupo Financiero Banamex, one of the largest banking operations in Mexico, to publish the group’s corporate magazines. Travesias has evolved to become a […]

January 30th, 2015 — by admin

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Endeavor and Arvento Win People’s Choice Stevie® Awards

On the heels of its Bronze Stevie® Award, Endeavor was named the People’s Choice Award winner for Favorite Company- Non-Profit or Government Organizations Category- in the 10th Annual International Business Awards. Endeavor Turkey Company Arvento […]

September 27th, 2013 — by admin

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Ahmed Ezzat, Director of Endeavor Egypt, to run presidential campaign of Mohamed ElBaradei

Ahmed Ezzat, Managing Director of Endeavor Egypt, has announced he will run the presidential campaign of Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei — the first multi-candidate elections in the history of Egypt.

Says Ahmed: “We will run an ethical and professional campaign to be a model for all successive elections. We intend to measure up to standards set by the youth of Egypt from Jan 25th 2011 onwards.”

Currently, Endeavor Endeavor is being run by interim Managing Director Ahmed El-Bedawy.

Click here to read more about Endeavor Egypt during this period of national transition, including descriptions of current Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Cairo-based Endeavor firm SySDSoft acquired by Intel

Today, it was announced that SySDSoft, the Egyptian 4-G wireless software company run by Endeavor Entrepreneur Khaled Ismail, was largely acquired by Intel through its stand-alone subsidiary, Intel Mobile Communications. For further details, check out the Intel press release and an article on TechCrunch. Also, check out the March 21 article from All Things Digital, “An Exit in Egypt,” which discusses the deal and its larger resonance in Egypt post-Mubarak. Khaled was selected in 2007 as the first Endeavor Entrepreneur in the Middle East.

As part of the deal, Intel plans to hire approximately 100 employees from SySDSoft, which designs cutting-edge products for the wireless broadband market–including various technologies such as WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless USB, and LTE.

“The acquisition of engineering and design talent from an Egypt-based company in the field of cutting-edge wireless and communication technology is the first of its kind for Intel in the Middle East,” said Arvind Sodhani, president, Intel Capital and executive vice president, Intel, in the company’s press release.

World Resources Institute to host investor forum on green entrepreneurs (NYC; April 6)

On April 6, NYU Stern School of Business and Citi Foundation in New York City will hold “New Ventures Global Investor Forum: Green Opportunities in Tomorrow’s Markets,” hosted by The World Resources Institute’s New Ventures program. While not an official Endeavor event, we are pleased to make our network aware of this opportunity to join leaders from the investment, business, and philanthropic communities in meeting innovative environmental entrepreneurs in Latin America and Asia. Click here to find out more.

Endeavor March 2011 newsletter

To view Endeavor’s March newsletter, a recap of all the top news stories from the previous month, please click here.

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La Nación editorial highlights Endeavor Argentina

La Nación, one of Argentina’s leading newspapers, just published an editorial on the role of Endeavor Argentina and its selected High-Impact Entrepreneurs in fostering an entrepreneurial culture. Click here to read the original article (en español).

An English translation appears below:

The Culture of Entrepreneurship
La Nación, March 5, 2011

We have enthusiastically highlighted the activity of Argentine entrepreneurs and the organizations that support their work more than once in this newspaper. Neither the entrepreneurs nor those who support them get the recognition they deserve. Society ignores the invaluable contribution of those who are building an “entrepreneurial culture” in this country.

Entrepreneurship is a social phenomenon that continues to grow in Argentina. Endeavor has selected 98 Argentine entrepreneurs whose work has created over 45,000 jobs directly and indirectly. Last year, the organization attracted over 100,000 people to mass events. It has worked to build entrepreneurial ecosystems in six provinces. It is evident once again that all of the people inspired by Endeavor are what the country needs to grow and develop sustainably.

After twelve years of focusing on entrepreneurs, Endeavor has gained invaluable insights. The Endeavor Entrepreneurs have a strong sense of what still needs to be done if our country wishes to create more positive examples: We must improve the social perception of the role of entrepreneurship; We must improve access to capital, information and networks of high-impact entrepreneurs; We must spell out the role of the public and private sectors in supporting entrepreneurship. And we must make this a national priority.

The balance for Argentina has many positives. Argentina is among the 20 most entrepreneurial countries in the world. One in seven Argentines is involved in some type of entrepreneurial activity. And six out of ten young people say they would prefer to start their own business rather than work for someone else.

However, there are also less encouraging signs. Many new ventures are neither sustainable nor scalable businesses. Only a small number focus on developing clients abroad. And the general economic context is not favorable: Short-term economic thinking, continually changing and unfriendly legislation, insufficient government programs and weak protections for intellectual property.

The world is changing too fast for us to continue ignoring the huge potential of Argentine entrepreneurs, who are building the companies today that will make for a better country tomorrow. The social, human, intellectual and cultural capital of Argentina is huge as entities such as Endeavor prove each day. The private sector is making great strides, but the public sector needs to build bridges and essential networks so that this [entrepreneurial] culture begins to assert its positive presence in every corner of our community.

In the midst of change, Endeavor Egypt holds strong

A year ago this month, Endeavor Egypt held its official launch and inaugural International Selection Panel. Since then, the office, headed by Managing Director Ahmed Ezzat and supported by Board Chairman Naguib Sawiris (Chairman, Orascom Telecom Holding), has grown considerably and currently supports 10 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from seven companies.

Responding to the recent events, Ahmed Ezzat had this to say: “In the last few weeks, Egypt was all about entrepreneurial spirit. And it was certainly as high-impact as they come! Endeavor Entrepreneurs, mentors, board members and staff were in the streets participating in what they saw as the best thing that has ever happened to their country in so many years. The moment was historical and stakes were high, yet everyone thought it can only get better from here for them, their families and their business. When Naguib Sawiris was asked about the effect of the current events on his business and the country’s economy at large, he replied without hesitation – ‘Freedom is priceless.'”

L to R: Khaled Bichara (CEO, Orascom Telecom; Endeavor Egypt board member) and Ahmed Ezzat in Tahrir Square

In the midst of Egypt’s historic transformational period, Endeavor Egypt remains in active operation and is slowly getting back to business. The office will send two candidate companies to Endeavor’s International Selection Panel in Mexico City later this month. Additionally, the office is planning a roundtable discussion where network members will discuss the best ways to deal with the impact of the current events on their businesses, and adapting to the new business environment.

The following is a recap of the companies that Endeavor Egypt currently supports:

Azza Fahmy Jewelry (Fatma Ghaly)
Internationally recognized as the leading jewelry designer of the Arab world, Azza Fahmy Jewelry (AFJ) is a family business that has evolved into the first Egyptian designer brand.

Divine Worx (Omar Fathy)
Divine Worx has become the first home-grown, multi-branded restaurant chain in Egypt–with four unique brands and 18 restaurants in four major cities, which employ more than 350 Egyptians.

Diwan Bookstore (Hind Wassef, Nadia Wassef)
Sisters Hind and Nadia stand out as leaders of a new generation in Egypt, founding Diwan as a modern bookstore (with 10 locations across Cairo) that blends Western and Eastern literature and style.

El Matbakh (Hiba Jammal, Tarek Khaddaj)
Led by a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, El Matbakh is the first full-service lunch solutions company catering to the rapidly growing corporate market in Cairo.

Hindawi (Ahmed Hindawi)
Hindawi is one of the three largest Open Access publishers worldwide, having developed a portfolio of 250+ English-language scholarly journals.

SySDSoft (Khaled Ismail)
SySDSoft is an innovative Egyptian business that specializes in developing cutting-edge wireless communications technology.

Timeline (Ahmed Metwally, Mostafa Hafez)
Founded in 2005, Timeline develops video games that can be purchased and downloaded online instead of from a physical store. In 2009, Timeline released CellFactor, the first downloadable video game to use sophisticated 3D visuals and game play physics. Check out Ahmed’s editorial on Egypt’s entrepreneurial and gaming environment, as reprinted on our blog.

Fast Company highlights Endeavor’s role in Turkey

In a blog for Fast Company, “Entrepreneurship Provides Opportunities for Talented Young Turks,” Rob Salkowitz spotlights a growing entrepreneurial trend in Turkey. Salkowitz, a keynote speaker of the recent Endeavor Turkey Summit and author of Young World Rising: How Youth, Technology and Entrepreneurship are Changing the World from the Bottom Up (Wiley, 2010), identifies “young people, united and empowered by technology,” at the forefront of this entrepreneurial movement.

In the article, Salkowitz offers the following description:

“The Turkey office opened in 2006 and helps recruit, train and build entrepreneurial startups into high-impact businesses. They then showcase the success stories as role-models and mentors, fostering the development of an ecosystem that can sustain itself.

‘Two recent Endeavor entrepreneurs from Turkey are PI Works, provides automated optimization services for GSM operators, and Pozitron, which develops mobile apps for business, lifestyle and entertainment. Both companies (along with 20 others) qualified in Endeavor’s rigorous global certification process and are currently receiving intensive business development guidance from a network of seasoned experts.

‘Advocates hope that companies like this will create innovations that Turkey could not only peddle to the nearby wealthy markets of Europe, but also assume a leadership role among new, possibly more democratic, regimes in the Arab Middle East and Turkic Central Asia.”

Chilean entrepreneurs making an impact, razor clams and all

These days, the “Endeavor effect” is popping up where you may least suspect it — from fishermen in the Chilean Gulf of Arauco to executive chef Shaunna Sargent at Corsino in New York’s West Village.

Back in February of 2010, Endeavor started a relief fund to support Chileans in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. With $900,000 in relief — half contributed by Endeavor Entrepreneurs — local fishermen in the village of Tubul were able to rebuild their lives by replacing 30 fishing boats that had been wiped away during the quake.

Javier Donoso, Endeavor Entrepreneur and founder of shellfish cannery GEOMAR, sources from Tubul and describes Endeavor’s work in the region as “incredible” and rendering a “huge positive impact.” In spite of the catastrophic event, these fishermen and Geomar have been making a bigger impact than ever before, their products getting recognition from some of the hottest names in fine dining and cooking today.

Specifically, this recent New York Times article describes the emergence of razor clams on the culinary scene. Chefs at some of New York’s most prestigious restaurants have started using these clams in new dishes, which have been well-received by customers.

Razor clams and other Geomar products can be found at Whole Foods, Central Market, and Balducci’s, and can also be found online at Amazon.com and Latienda.com.

Endeavor Turkey Summit in Istanbul looks to the future

Yesterday, Endeavor Turkey co-hosted “IyiGirişim Zirvesi,” a High-Impact Entrepreneurship Summit in Istanbul with TUSIAD, Turkey’s most influential corporate lobbying association. Forty members of Endeavor’s mentor network engaged an audience of 330 invited entrepreneurs selected for their high-growth potential. The Summit’s slogan “Aim for the Summit” and motto “Let’s Get to Work” were designed by ad agency sponsor TBWA. Other Summit partners included Akbank as the main venue sponsor, TURKCELL as the guest speaker sponsor, CNBCe as the official TV media sponsor, PozitivTV as the web-streaming sponsor and Endeavor Entrepreneur company Youtholding as the social media sponsor.

Opening speakers included Tahincoğlu Holding and Endeavor Turkey Chairman Özcan Tahincioğlu, TUSIAD Chairwoman Ümit Boyner and Akbank Chairwoman and Endeavor Board Member Suzan Sabancı Dincer, each of whom shared their views on opportunities for Turkish entrepreneurs in the global market. Panels and workshops addressed leadership, management, and best practices for investment and financing with a choice of Interview Forum, Workshop or Case Study Panel highlighting different sub-topics. The Summit was also broadcast live online reaching close to 6,000 additional viewers across the country.

The closing session was led by guest speaker Rob Salkowitz, technology trend consultant and author of Young World Rising which inspired the summit’s focus on the implications of youth demographics and their access to globally integrated technology on entrepreneurship. An additional 100 leaders from the business community joined this presentation and enriched the final networking activities at the end of the day-long event.

Endeavor Turkey will continue pushing for growth and competitiveness. This April, Endeavor Turkey will co-host a follow-up Summit for potential angel investors entitled “IyiYatirim Zirvesi” in collaboration with the American Angel Capital Association. The names of both summits, “IyiGirişim” and “IyiYatrim,” refer to entrepreneur and investor best practices. Endeavor Turkey also plans to publish two handbooks under these same names by the end of the year.

L to R: Rob Salkowitz, Suzan Sabancı Dinçer, Ümit Boyner, Ozcan Tahincioğlu

L to R: Bülent Çelebi (Airties Founder, Endeavor Turkey Board Member & 2006 Endeavor Entrepreneur), Murat Kolbaşı (Arzum Ev Aletleri Chairman & Endeavor Turkey Advisory Board Member), Cem Şengör (STEP Carpets Chairman & Endeavor Turkey Advisory Board Member), Işık Keçeci Aşur (ARAGON CAPITAL Managing Partner & Endeavor Turkey Board Member)

2011 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit!

Join us for the 2011 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit (June 28-30; San Francisco)! Click here to view the invitation.

For a complete list of Summit speakers, CLICK HERE. To view a list of registered Endeavor Entrepreneurs, CLICK HERE.


• 350+ attendees from more than 15 different countries
Keynote speeches by REID HOFFMAN, CEO, LinkedIn; Partner, Greylock; SCOTT MCNEALY, Cofounder, Sun Microsystems; MARC BENIOFF, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Salesforce.com
Interactive workshops led by some of Silicon Valley’s premier “high-growth” experts
• Intimate (15-20 person) Breakout Sessions and “Hot Topics” tailored to your business needs
• 1:1 Global Connections with industry experts who can address your challenges
Office Hours with Endeavor’s most sought after mentors
Industry-focused programs for entrepreneurs in different sectors
Showcase of Endeavor’s Highest Impact and most innovative companies from emerging markets

For additional info and updates, visit www.endeavor.org/2011Summit or contact 2011Summit@endeavor.org.



WHO: Entrepreneurs. Global Players. Visionaries. Founders. Investors.

WHAT: Keynotes. Hot Topics. Personal Introductions. Business Development…

WHERE: The 2011 Entrepreneur Summit will take place at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, California. Endeavor has negotiated a special rate for those attending the Summit. To make a reservation, click here.


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