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Endeavor Greece Celebrates Two Years and 3,500+ Jobs Created By Its Entrepreneurs

Endeavor Greece released an infographic and video to highlight the office’s impact during its two year anniversary. The team supports some of the region’s top high-impact entrepreneurs who continue to drive sustainable job creation and contribute to […]

December 18th, 2014 — by admin

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Endeavor Wins Bronze Stevie® Award

Endeavor was named the winner of a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Company of the Year – Non-Profit or Government Organizations category in The 10th Annual International Business Awards.  The International Business Awards are one of […]

August 14th, 2013 — by admin

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Endeavor launches the Investor Network

This month marks the launch of the Endeavor Investor Network. Designed to extend the reach of investors focused on emerging markets, the Investor Network connects leading investors with High-Impact Entrepreneurs and partners in emerging markets through tailored treks and services. The annual membership program aims to increase entrepreneurs’ access to smart growth capital and create an active global network of investors.

The program will kick off with the Brazil Trek from April 27th-29th in Sao Paulo, providing venture-focused programming, introductions and rare networking opportunities with Brazil’s vibrant entrepreneurial and investment communities. For more information about the event or the program, please contact InvestorNetwork@endeavor.org.

Endeavor Global welcomes new President Fernando Fabre

With much excitement, Endeavor Global announces its new President, Fernando Fabre. Fernando assumes his role this month in Endeavor’s New York City headquarters. Since 2004, Fernando has served as Managing Director of Endeavor Mexico with passion and dedication, expanding Endeavor Mexico from 1 to 10 offices dedicated to 180 entrepreneurs.

Fernando’s new role focuses on Endeavor Global’s internal organization and performance. His responsibilities as President include leading operational strategies, budgeting, managing personnel, and supervising accountability and performance metrics.

Fernando’s commitment to creating opportunity extends beyond Endeavor: he has served as a part-time professor of Entrepreneurship at Anahuac University, board member of the National Committee of Innovation and board member of Lumni, a student lending program.  Appointed by President Vicente Fox, Fernando and Dr. Richard Smith spearheaded an initiative which helped lead to a Mexican association of venture capital funds and programs to support small and medium-sized businesses. Named a top “30 under 30” business leader in Mexico in 2007, Fernando is also a Kauffman Fellow.

Co-Founder Linda Rottenberg will continue leading as CEO to champion Endeavor’s entrepreneurs and global network. With Fernando’s internal support at Endeavor, Linda will direct her efforts to such externally-focused areas as fundraising, network recruitment and partnership development.

Welcome, Fernando!!

Turkish Endeavor firm AirTies attracts investment to fund Euro growth

AirTies, a company that develops and markets residential media gateways, set top boxes and wireless network devices, in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, just announced that it has received a multi-million dollar investment from Invus, a US equity investor.

The investment will enable AirTies to expand operations by building up its sales and marketing presence as well as improve its technologies through R&D. AirTies hopes to become the leader in the connected home market across Europe.

In a statement, Invus partner Evren Bilimer said the investment resulted from an arduous search to find a sound investment platform in the home media connectivity and networking category. “We had discussions with many companies in the IPTV and home networking space over the last three years…When we met the AirTies team, we were very impressed by their R&D platform, which in addition to delivering best of class performance, allows AirTies to rapidly localize and customize their technology solutions to different markets.”

AirTies CEO and Endeavor Entrepreneur Bülent Çelebi expects the funding to help the company grow faster in European markets: “Central to this becoming a reality is the need for reliable, high performance wireless video and the ability to seamlessly connect multiple TVs, game consoles, tablets and smart phones in the home in a manner which is intuitive and simple, backed up by an effective and efficient 24/7 customer service help desk.”

Since selection by Endeavor, AirTies’ revenues have grown by 466% and has seen a 473% growth in jobs. Bülent remains an active member of the Endeavor network. He has participated in the eMBA and Top 25 programs, as well as an Immersion Tour and Entrepreneur Summit. Additionally, Bülent serves on the board of another Endeavor company and has participated as a speaker, panelist, and ambassador for Endeavor.

High-Impact Entrepreneurship is critical for Africa’s development

By Joel Montgomery (International Expansion)

The world is finally waking up to the fact that Africa is on the move.

A recent Wall Street Journal article, “A Continent of New Consumers Beckons,” highlights this movement forward, but also cautions that “Africa’s most promising opportunities won’t be found in its new shopping malls but beneath its soil and sea beds.”

I couldn’t disagree more. A recent McKinsey Global Institute study found that only 24% of Africa’s growth resulted from the Resources sector. While Africa is blessed with abundant natural resources, in my view her greatest asset is her people.

During my frequent trips to Africa I have come into contact with a new generation of African professionals. These new African leaders break all the rules. They don’t care about your family name, the university you attended, or even what tribe you’re from. They do not seek power derived from political connections, but rather that which comes from true business innovation. It is on the backs of this new entrepreneurial generation that Africa can change the perception of starving children from the 80s with the tech clusters currently sprouting up all over the continent.

Alan McCormick, a Managing Director at the global investment group Legatum, recently wrote a Forbes article entitled “In Entrepreneurship We Trust.” In it, he states that “the world’s most prosperous countries are those that establish, nurture, and protect their entrepreneurial environments.”

Entrepreneurship’s effect is even more palpable in the developing world. As U.S. President Obama stated in his speech at the 2010 Summit on Entrepreneurship, “Entrepreneurship [is vital] because throughout history, the market has been the most powerful force the world has ever known for creating opportunity and lifting people out of poverty.”

Endeavor remains committed to identifying and supporting Africa’s newest generation of High Impact Entrepreneurs. For over 13 years, we have helped entrepreneurs from Brazil to Mexico and Turkey to South Africa to plug into the global entrepreneurial engine. African innovations can and will compete on the global scene, but in order to do so, they need this help to scale their businesses more quickly.

Endeavor Co-Founder & CEO Linda Rottenberg named “Ms. Davos”

In a roundup of highlights from the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland (Jan 26-30) — prominent blogger Henry Blodget (Business Insider) named Endeavor Co-Founder & CEO Linda Rottenberg “Ms. Davos.”

In the lighthearted feature, “The Davos Awards: The 25 People and Companies Who Just Won the World’s Most Prestigious Event,” Blodget writes: “If our world is going to be improved, it’s going to be improved because businesses are going to figure out how to produce more products that can be made and used without hurting people or the planet. And because existing businesses have profits to protect, that means entrepreneurs are going to have to take the lead. Linda Rottenberg was omnipresent at Davos this year, as she has been for years.”

At this year’s Annual Meeting, built around the theme “Shared Norms for the New Reality,” Linda moderated two panels, “The Role of Business in Development” (recap here) and “Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies,” and served as a panelist on “The Merits of Failure” and a session on gender parity.

Numerous members of Endeavor’s global network also attended and spoke at the annual Forum, including Endeavor Entrepreneur and Global Board member Wences Casares, who was named to the 2011 class of Young Global Leaders.

By Linda Rottenberg: “Shared Norms, New Reality: What’s next for Social Enterprise?”

Check out a new blog post by Endeavor co-Founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg posted on the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship blog (World Economic Forum). The post briefly highlights the role that social entrepreneurs can play with relation to the business community and government.

The text is also pasted below:

“Shared Norms, New Reality: What’s next for Social Enterprise?”

When I think about the field of social entrepreneurship, I’m continually struck by how far we’ve come–from the crazy pioneers shouting to be heard, to a respected and growing global movement. One of the big questions is: what do we do with this momentum? As social entrepreneurs, where do we go from here?

This year’s Davos theme, “shared norms for the new reality,” emphasizes the need to come together and form a complementary game plan for solving global problems. For social entrepreneurs in 2011, this is just the approach we need. As a movement, we need to be interdisciplinary. Instead of operating in a cozy bubble, we need to branch out and re-engage both the private sector and government in new ways.

When it comes to business, social entrepreneurs need to make it known that we’re not only about learning lessons from companies–but have something to teach them! We’ve always said it’s a two-way street, but now more than ever, it’s time to prove it. Whether it’s aligning shareholders’ values and interests, motivating employees beyond bonuses, improving corporate governance, working with scarce resources, improving community relations, or measuring impact beyond the next fiscal quarter, social entrepreneurs have many great lessons to share with our for-profit colleagues.

And yes, we can share our wisdom in the political sphere as well. Especially as the government embarks on missions that overlap with ours, we can help deploy its resources more efficiently and effectively and track the impact of its social investments. Last April, I went to Washington to participate in U.S. President Obama’s Summit on Entrepreneurship. There, I was delighted to see a range of social entrepreneurs collaborating with statesmen and business leaders to brainstorm creative ways to promote entrepreneurship in the Middle East. We’re getting somewhere…but we’re just getting started!

And as always, we have to move beyond anecdotes and focus on impact. It’s already a good sign that today, instead of asking, “So what is social entrepreneurship?” people are asking, “What has social entrepreneurship achieved.” Like never before, it’s our job to provide a compelling answer.

TechCrunch profiles Endeavor firm Crivo (Brazil)

Check out Sarah Lacy’s new TechCrunch post about the Brazilian firm Crivo, including a video interview with co-founder and Endeavor Entrepreneur Daniel Turini.

As Lacy points out, Crivo, which was recently nominated for a top TechCrunch award, is “revolutionizing the credit markets in Brazil, opening up opportunities for car loans and house loans for the growing middle class for the first time.”

Linda Rottenberg discusses High-Impact Entrepreneurship at Saudi Fast Growth gala

On January 24 in Riyadh, Endeavor Co-Founder & CEO Linda Rottenberg delivered the opening keynote at the annual gala dinner for Saudi Fast Growth (SFG) 100 — a national initiative to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Saudi Arabia that ranks the fastest-growing emerging companies in the Kingdom.

Former US President Bill Clinton also spoke, as well as Endeavor Global Board member Arif Naqvi, CEO of Abraaj Capital.

“When I think about entrepreneurship taking root in the Kingdom and the MENA region,” said Linda, “I am actually struck by a lot of similarities with the landscape in Latin America just a decade ago.”

She elaborated on the conditions needed to foster an entrepreneurial culture in countries like Brazil and Mexico — factors such as mentors, role models, trust, and capital — and offered a series of tips to entrepreneurs and investors.

Linda encouraged up-and-coming entrepreneurs with an optimistic assessment: “I truly believe that the time is now for high impact entrepreneurship to transform the Kingdom and the region.”

The list of companies named to the SFG 100 was compiled by SAGIA with joint founding partners the National Commercial Bank and Al-Watan Arabic newspaper.

NYT: “How Latin American Startups Are Tapping Into Silicon Valley”

In a new article in the Times, VentureBeat contributor Alan Colmenares discusses what it will take to foster an entrepreneurial environment in Colombia, citing High-Impact Entrepreneurs including the Endeavor firm Pagosonline.

15 Endeavor Entrepreneurs graduate from ECLA exec education program

Earlier this week, 15 Endeavor Entrepreneurs formally presented their business growth plans to potential investors, marking a culmination of the yearlong “Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness in Latin America” (ECLA) Program.

A partnership between Endeavor, Columbia Business School, and Escuela de Negocios, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, the Program is designed to help entrepreneurs achieve efficiency, business growth, and internationalization.

This year’s 15 ECLA entrepreneurs work across many sectors, including information technology, health & fitness, and telecommunications. Their participation in this executive education program included coursework, mentorship, and networking. In addition to taking foundational courses at Columbia Business School and specialized courses in Buenos Aires, they worked with industry coaches and faculty advisors to improve processes within their companies. They also took online classes and participated in group projects to create a regional support network of entrepreneurs, industry experts, academics, and business leaders.

Entrepreneurs in the program included Ariel Lijtenstein from ROBTEC, which has pioneered rapid prototyping technology in Uruguay and Brazil, as well as Ivan Barchese of Mextra, which plans to expand their metallic alloy tablet supply operations to both the US and China while rolling out new products in the Brazilian market.

Previous entrepreneurs have noted that the ECLA Program has been instrumental in improving their companies. For more information on the program and how to get involved, please email yuting.lien-at-endeavor.org.

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