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Three Endeavor companies in Latin America spotlighted by The Next Web

The Next Web, a top blog for tech news and business, has named three Endeavor-supported companies as part of their new list of “10 Latin American Startups You Should Watch Out For.” Excerpts from the article are reprinted below:

PagosOnline launched in 2002 as “the Colombian PayPal” with headquarters in Bogota. BuscaPé acquired 75% of this Colombian payment processing and aggregating company in 2010, which means that it is also part of the Naspers group. It integrates different payment solutions including local credit cards, but also bank transfers and cash payments – which is crucial since most Latin Americans don’t have a credit card. BuscaPé itself is now using PagosOnline’s services for its platforms, and the company claims to have over 5,000 clients, including e-commerce websites, retailers and airlines (40% of transactions are related to plane tickets). Though online payments are booming in Colombia (+45% in 2010, i.e. US$600 million), PagosOnline’s business is not limited to its home country: it is currently expanding through the region and started operations in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Panama and Argentina via its division LatinAmericanPayments.

Smowtion was founded in Argentina in 2008 and has been supported by Endeavor since 2010. It is a tech company focusing on online advertising and helping publishers to monetize their content. It has offices in Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Miami and is also represented in Spain. The platform itself is available in 8 languages (Russian, German and Dutch being the latest additions). The company claims to connect advertisers (from Adidas to Unilever) to 217 million unique users per month thanks to a network of over 120,000 publishers around the world. It officially launched in the US in April this year during ad:tech San Francisco.

Movile is a mobile services company headquarted in Sao Paulo with offices in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Uruguay. It provides mobile entertainment content, m-payments for virtual goods, marketing services and HTML5 applications distribution (with Zeewe app store) to “more than 100 million active users worldwide” (B2B and B2C). The company was launched 10 years ago as n-Time; the name Movile replaced “Compera n-Time” after the company merged with Yavox and Cyclelogic. Part of Naspers group since 2008, it is also an Endeavor company since 2003. According to the company’s CEO Fabricio Bloisi, the company is focusing on Latin America where opportunities are huge since “mobile Internet will be larger than the conventional Internet, particularly in emerging countries.”


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