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New York Times’ Thomas Friedman Cites Endeavor Mexico Companies As Part of “Just Do It” Generation

During a recent visit to Mexico, New York Times’ columnist Thomas Friedman spent time visiting with Endeavor Mexico MD Pilar Aguilar and a number of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. These visits strongly influenced a column he went on to publish about the positive side of things in Mexico. Friedman writes that the country continues to have many challenges but that there is great hope in “what Mexico is doing right.” Friedman turned to examples of innovative entrepreneurs he met in Monterey and explained that these individuals have chosen to pursue their dreams and build successful companies despite a seemingly difficult environment. Among them were Arturo Galvan of Naranya, Patricio Zambrano of Alivio (a spin-off company of Imagen Dental) and Raul Maldonado of Enova.

The complete column is available on the New York Times’ website here.



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