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Endeavor Co-Founder & CEO Linda Rottenberg named “Ms. Davos”

In a roundup of highlights from the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland (Jan 26-30) — prominent blogger Henry Blodget (Business Insider) named Endeavor Co-Founder & CEO Linda Rottenberg “Ms. Davos.”

In the lighthearted feature, “The Davos Awards: The 25 People and Companies Who Just Won the World’s Most Prestigious Event,” Blodget writes: “If our world is going to be improved, it’s going to be improved because businesses are going to figure out how to produce more products that can be made and used without hurting people or the planet. And because existing businesses have profits to protect, that means entrepreneurs are going to have to take the lead. Linda Rottenberg was omnipresent at Davos this year, as she has been for years.”

At this year’s Annual Meeting, built around the theme “Shared Norms for the New Reality,” Linda moderated two panels, “The Role of Business in Development” (recap here) and “Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies,” and served as a panelist on “The Merits of Failure” and a session on gender parity.

Numerous members of Endeavor’s global network also attended and spoke at the annual Forum, including Endeavor Entrepreneur and Global Board member Wences Casares, who was named to the 2011 class of Young Global Leaders.


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