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Miami’s KidoZen and My Ceviche Profiled in The Miami Herald; Discuss Plans for Growth


Endeavor Entrepreneur companies KidoZen, founded by Jesus Rodriguez, and My Ceviche, founded by Roger Duarte and Sam Gorenstein, were recently featured in The Miami Herald’s Business Monday section, highlighting the growing presence of both companies in the region and the impact of being named Endeavor Entrepreneurs. As the first companies from Miami to join the Endeavor network at the 51st International Selection Panel in Dubai, these founders are transforming their local industries and demonstrating potential for high-impact growth.

KidozenKidoZen, an enterprise mobile platform that provides a secure and scalable software solution for companies, has witnessed stunning success in just the past year – the company opened its service to the public in 2013 and has already served 80 clients globally. The biggest challenge for the company now, as explained by the Herald, is keeping up with the rapid growth both in terms of acquiring talent and expanding its software offerings.

“Building the team that matches the culture of the company is our main task for the next six months,” Jesus said in the article. “We’re very committed to building in Miami so we are committed to finding talent in Miami, but we have a very high bar for talent, so it is taking time.” Read the full Miami Herald feature on KidoZen by clicking here.

My Ceviche

My Ceviche, a chain of fast-food restaurants looking to bring traditional Latin cuisine to the masses,  already has over 30 employees and is expecting to open two additional Miami-area locations within the year. With a unique offering and business model, Roger and Sam have set their sights on national expansion and on growing a line of food and beverage products, all the while maintaining a fresh approach to their ceviche staple.

“We’re both hungry and we both know there is a lot to learn and we listen,” Roger told the Herald. “We believe in Endeavor and how they can help take a business at a certain inflection point to a $100 million business.” Read the full Miami Herald feature on My Ceviche by clicking here.


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