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Miami Herald Highlights Endeavor Colombia and EE Campoalto’s Expansion to Miami

In a far reaching article meant to coincide with the upcoming launch of Endeavor’s Miami affiliate, the Miami Herald sent reporters to Colombia to study Endeavor’s success in helping to scale entrepreneurial businesses in that country.  Central to the article was a look at Endeavor Entrepreneur Campoalto, a leading provider of vocational programs for health care professionals, and its plans to expand into South Florida.

Reporter Jim Wyss noted that Endeavor Colombia now supports 20 companies with businesses varying from health clubs (Bodytech) to bio-pesticides (Ecoflora) which together at year-end 2012 generated $277 million of revenues and employed nearly 6,000 workers.  Campoalto, which was selected by Endeavor in 2010, focuses on providing training in healthcare professions to low income students, over 70 percent of whom are female.  Endeavor provided the entrepreneurs with a board of directors and access to finance.  The company now operates eight campuses across Bogota, including a full equipped clinic facility, and offers flexible schedules and a pay-as-you-go model.  It will open a campus in Miami, called Highfield, and target Latino immigrants who will be provided English-language training alongside traditional vocational courses.

Wyss points out that the fact that Campoalto and Endeavor are coming to Miami at the same time is a coincidence, but that Endeavor has already been opening doors for entrepreneur Andres Argulo in the South Florida business community.  “People [in Miami] are calling me because I’m an Endeavor company,” he said.  “Endeavor has become my calling card.”





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