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Endeavor Entrepreneur and Global Board Member Wences Casares highlighted in Marketplace segment titled “Latinos making inroads in Silicon Valley”

In a segment entitled, “Latinos making inroads in Silicon Valley,” American Public Media’s Marketplace discusses how the Latin American population has been making inroads in Silicon Valley. “Latinos have long been the largest immigrant group in the U.S. But they weren’t much of a presence in the tech sector,” said Vivek Wadhwa, a fellow at Stanford Law School. But Vivek believes that’s changing. “I’ve seen significant growth in the Latin American population in Silicon Valley.”

Endeavor Entrepreneur Wences Casares was featured as a leading Latin American entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. Raised on a sheep farm in Patagonia, Argentina, Wences was selected by Endeavor in 1998 for Patagon.com, an electronic brokerage. In January 1999, Wences raised US$4M through the Endeavor network. The following year, he sold a 75% stake in the business to Banco Santander for US$750M, instantly transforming him into a role model for budding entrepreneurs.

In the segment, Wences discussed inspiring fellow Latin Americans. “In a way what they are thinking is, ‘He’s just like me. He’s no better.’ Or, ‘He has no particular advantage. I can do this.'”

Today, Wences lives with his family in Palo Alto, where is still an active entrepreneur. His current business, Lemon.com, produces an iPhone app that essentially allows you to digitize your wallet. Wences is a frequent speaker, mentor, and panelist for Endeavor and serves on the organization’s Global Board of Directors.

Listen to the segment below or click here.


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