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London’s Canning House hosts “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Latin America”

By Karen Martell, Endeavor, Entrepreneur Services & Partnerships

On May 17, during Endeavor’s International Selection Panel in London, the London-based NGO Canning House — which seeks to link the UK to Latin America and Iberia — hosted a discussion titled “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Latin America.”

Alejandro Mashad, Managing Director of Endeavor Argentina, began the session by presenting Endeavor’s model, history, and experience working with over 400 entrepreneurs from 250+ companies in Latin America since 1998. From there, he introduced two Endeavor Entrepreneurs to present their companies and to share their insights regarding the challenges and opportunities that present entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Guibert Englebienne, co-founder of Globant, explained how he started his successful global IT off-shoring company during Argentina’s worst economic crisis to date, and how through innovative work environments, crowdsourcing, and unheard-of organizational models, Globant is now serving clients such as Google, Disney, and Nike, and has turned Argentina into a high-tech hub.

Marcelo Romcy, co-founder of Brazilian e-security firm Proteus, demonstrated how a hacker taps into confidential corporate information and explained how his technology uniquely addresses this problem for clients worldwide, ranging from Latin America to the Middle East.

Erkko Autio, an entrepreneurship professor at the Imperial College of London, finished the discussion with some insights on the state of innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America in comparison to other parts of the world.

As the International Selection Panel itself marked Endeavor’s first major event in Europe, it was encouraging to witness the level of interest and commitment to emerging markets by the nearly 100 people in attendance, twice of what was expected. Given Canning House’s focus on Latin America, they hope to work in close collaboration with Endeavor in the future.


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