High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Linda Rottenberg discusses Endeavor’s experience and future in Latin America

Recently the magazine Alternative Latin Investor interviewed Endeavor CEO & Co-Founder Linda Rottenberg. Click HERE to read the full article [note: requires free registration].

In the interview, Linda discusses her motivation for starting Endeavor, and what Endeavor has done for those trying to start businesses in Latin America. She notes:

“Before Endeavor the word entrepreneurship was not in the dictionary in Portuguese, Spanish or Arabic. Endeavor Entrepreneurs did not know they were entrepreneurs until they entered the Endeavor Search & Selection process. We’ve come far in thirteen years since the Argentine taxi cab driver with a PHD in physics inquired ‘How can I possibly start my own company when I don’t even have a garage?'”

In sharing her expertise, Linda notes the particular importance of High-Impact Entrepreneurship: “Historically in most economies it is only a small number of high-impact, high-growth entrepreneurs that create the vast majority of new jobs.” From there she describes how Endeavor tailors its efforts to supporting truly promising companies that think BIG as well as its continuing role in supporting High-Impact Entrepreneurs in Latin America by providing access to mentors, networks and role models.


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