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Article cites Endeavor’s role in supporting Argentine entrepreneurs

In a new article published on entrepreneurship.org, Jonathan Ortmans, a senior fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, addresses the role of Argentine entrepreneurs in the decade since the startup boom–and major financial collapse.

Citing Endeavor, which “had its first success in the developing world in Argentina just before the country’s last major financial collapse,” he goes on to stress the importance of a “bottom-up culture” to spur innovation and encourage government to enact reforms.

An excerpt:

The good news is that interest in entrepreneurship typically creates a bottom-up pressure for change in a country’s old ways of doing business. As Alejandro Mashad and Norberto Loizeau of Endeavor Argentina have said in articles and interviews, young entrepreneurs are helping lead the way toward change. They explain that this budding movement of entrepreneurial interest began to change at the turn of the century. “Like their counterparts elsewhere, inventive young Argentines saw the potential for Internet technology to change the way information was transmitted and were quick to translate their ideas into commercial enterprises. Many of the initial start-ups failed, but they taught us an important lesson: business could be both creative and socially beneficial. Just as important, you could play by the rules and still make money.” The power of the sum of the energy of these young entrepreneurs will be celebrated once again during 2010 Global Entrepreneurship Week in Argentina (Nov.15-21). We should applaud these entrepreneurs for their work in writing the recent history for Argentina as a decade that brought to the country a new environment for entrepreneurship.


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