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17 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from Brazil, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Turkey Join the Endeavor Network

Johannesburg, South Africa – August 16  – Endeavor selected 17 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 10 companies from Brazil, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Turkey at its 49th International Selection Panel.  Endeavor now supports 818 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 510 companies in 15 emerging and growth market countries.  The entrepreneurs were chosen at a panel held from August  13-15 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“It has been an amazing experience to host so many dynamic high-impact entrepreneurs who came here from four continents, “ said  Endeavor Co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg. “I’d like to extend a very special thanks to the board of Endeavor South Africa for hosting this event.”

The International Selection Panel (ISP) is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step selection process.  At the ISP, top local and international business leaders interview candidates about their businesses and high-impact potential, and then vote on whether or not candidates become Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Post-selection, Endeavor provides entrepreneurs with customized services,  including introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of creating thousands of jobs and building sustainable growth models in their home countries.

Endeavor will host two additional International Selection Panels this year: Palo Alto, CA, October 2013 and Dubai, UAE, December 2013.

Brief descriptions of the selected entrepreneurs and companies follow:




Entrepreneurs: Wataru Ueda, Tatsuo Suzuki & Toru Kinjo

Company: Magnamed

Description: Using the latest global technologies, Magnamed provides hospitals and other treatment providers with critical care equipment that is more affordable and effective than competing products. The company has four products, all related to lung ventilation, and all of which are compact, light, durable, and easy to use for those working with critical care patients.



Tabibi 24/7

Entrepreneurs: Karim Ragab, Dr. Khalil Abdel Khalek, Walid Abdel Hadi

Company: Tabibi 24/7 (www.tabibi247.com)

Description: Tabibi 24/7 is a healthcare company that provides 24-hour access to pediatric and family care in Cairo through two daytime clinics and around-the-clock home visits. With a focus on preventative care as well as treatment, Tabibi offers basic medical training courses and a daily health tip SMS service in addition to primary patient care.




Entrepreneur: Maria and Penny Vlachou

Company: Fereikos-Helix

Description: Fereikos-Helix offers organic live snails and snail consumer products to wholesalers and retailers in Greece and throughout Europe. Its innovative supply chain model involves a network of 175 independent snail farmers. These farmers receive know-how and resources from Fereikos-Helix to produce high-quality, organic products year-round in an industry that largely relies on foraging, resulting in inconsistent product quality and availability.



The Goods Group

Entrepreneur: Anton Wirjono

Company: The Goods Group

Description: The Goods Group, a chain of multi-label stores based in Jakarta, Indonesia, is fast becoming a major hub for fashion and lifestyle products from a selection of local and international brands. The Goods Group consists of a retail business (The Goods Department) and a restaurant line (The Goods Cafes and The Goods Diner).




Entrepreneur: Ala’ Al Sallal

Company: Jamalon (www.jamalon.com)

Description: Launched in 2010, Jamalon’s dual-language ecommerce platform provides unparalleled access to a comprehensive catalogue of books in English and Arabic. Since its inception, Jamalon has grown to include over nine million titles, developed metadata for 150,000 Arabic books, and expanded regionally to reach customers in eight MENA countries.



Grupo Filoa

Entrepreneur: Juan Jose Villarreal Portilla

Company: Grupo Filoa (www.grupofiloa.com)

Description: Grupo Filoa offers corporations and universities on-site food court and cafeteria catering solutions. The food court option includes ten diverse, proprietary brands, and all meals are designed by experienced restaurant chefs. Filoa has earned high satisfaction ratings from clients and their diners alike, providing highly personalized customer service and offering gourmet cafeteria food that people actually want to eat.



OTS (Optimal Technology Solutions)

Entrepreneurs: Ahmed & Hassan Hamdan

Company: OTS (www.otsdc.com)

Description: OTS offers digital communication solutions to help businesses communicate and form meaningful relationships with their customers through web and mobile channels. Its most popular service is a bulk SMS platform to send millions of messages in an instant, and it also offers digital and mobile advertising, social media management, web and mobile app development. OTS has expertise in effectively reaching consumer audiences throughout MENA, with offices in Saudi Arabia and six other countries in the region, and clients in 20 countries.




Entrepreneurs: Barry Kayton, Patrick Kayton

Company: Cognician (www.cognician.com)

Description: Specializing in people development software, Cognician offers an interactive solution to large companies that seek an effective, scalable method for disseminating training and educational materials to employees. Cognician’s proprietary cloud-based software helps users at these firms explore a particular topic through a question-and-answer process.


Entrepreneur: Sylvia Gruber

Company: RubyBox (www.rubybox.co.za)

Description: RubyBox is a try-before-you-buy beauty subscription start-up that has developed into one of South Africa’s leading online beauty destinations. RubyBox members pay a monthly subscription fee to receive a customized box of premium beauty samples from top international and local brands. After customers identify the perfect product, they can purchase the full-size version from Rubybox’s online store featuring more than 60 brands.




Entrepreneur: Eren Merzeci

Company: Nisfud (www.nisfud.com)

Description: First established as the exclusive distributor for many popular American and European food products such as Pepperidge Farm cookies, Nisfud has since pivoted to develop a new market for frozen savory borek pie products. These are sold at retail chains under the brand name Nefista, a play on the Turkish word for delicious. In addition, Nisfud offers hotels, restaurants, and cafes a variety of frozen sweet and savory products.



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