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Invite your stakeholders to share your startup journey

Reprinted from GrowVC. See the original post here.

By Markus Lampinen.

Remember that expression, the easiest way to run a marathon is to tell everyone you’re going to run a marathon? Well the same applies to a lot of business practice, some of it less intuitive than others. How are you going to attract the right people and partners, if they don’t know what you’re all about?

Startups and businesses in general can get increasingly complex and entrepreneurs have such big aspirations, that they might just overlook the very basics of getting the word out and building that early traction. There are countless examples where you can benefit a lot by getting just a little out there to the public. You don’t need to be extravagant, but you’ll have to be audible.

Recruiting is a great example. In building your web presence and brand, you will soon have hundreds if not thousands following your progress on a daily basis. These people are passionate about what you’re doing, they are early adopters and they are there from the very beginning. Why not share who you would need to your team, who you are on the look out for? Odds are this group of pioneers will have just the right person, with the right drive to join you.

So you can’t pay them, who cares? Use the work investment model that we have created and give him a stake in the company, step by step. For them, getting involved early on can be vastly appealing if they’re already sold on your vision.

Expanding your operations to a new market? Great! Why not start getting the word out about your new expansion plans? The Internet is global and your stakeholders could be anywhere! Have you looked at your Google analytics and wondered where that one Argentinian or Israeli came from? Why not put your appeal to work for you and attract them as your local representation in new areas. Soon you might have a flock of Argentineans or Israelis on your Google analytics. Why not, you have all the tools at your disposal.

It’s easy to get lured into thinking that everything requires a grand plan and strategic implementation yada yada. The truth is that it’s often the small things that will have the biggest impact. At least all of them combined for a long time. Imagine all the little tweets and blog posts building up for several years, it starts to also create a history for where you’ve come from, but also generates a timeline of your progress.

So while the grand plan is indeed important, don’t let it distract you for the everyday actions that can take you one step closer to building your dream team or entering new markets. Share your thoughts, your aspirations and call on your followers in the global market. What have you got to lose?

Big things are great, but lots of small things will ultimately lead to great things.


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