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Endeavor Entrepreneurs Co-Found Idea.me

Reprinted from The Argentina Independent. See the original post here.

By Mia de Graaf

“Art is a community effort,” said Allen Ginsberg in the mid-20th century. Fast forward a few decades, movements, and tech developments and he’d see the same mentality being used to reboot innovation in Latin American art through cyber-community, Ideame.

Ideame, co-founded by [Endeavor Entrepreneurs] Mariano Suarez Battán and Tiburcio De la Carcova, [Endeavor Global Network Member] Juan Pablo Cappello, and Sebastian Uchitel, is young – three and a half weeks old, to be exact. But already it has a host of contributors:

“My project is to paint more than 100 canvases from a light aircraft bombing them with water balloons filled with…” This is Defi Gagliardo’s vision, The Flying Bombing, that has so far raised US$637 through idea.me, a crowd funding website for artistic and creative projects in Latin America. Though it is only 5% of Gagliardo’s required budget, there are, as the website points out, still 21 days left for aspiring producers that are interested to chip in themselves.

Gagliardo’s is one of over 25 projects on the website, all proposed by Latin American artists – each one with their native flag sitting beside their name. Argentine Gimena Macri wants to make hand-made books full of photos from “a journey”. Batsu Jump are a group looking to fund the creation of an online magazine. Chilean artist Marco Silva intends to make a documentary: “it’s about a small abandoned village in northern Chile. San Pedro Station, in the Atacama desert.” Silva is on US$189, in need of more, but further than he could ever have got from scratch on his own.

Having worked on the project for the last 6 months, and their efforts finally coming to fruit, the team already have their sights set high. So far the projects are all Chilean or Argentine; “our short term plans include Mexico and Colombia,” says Sebastian Uchitel, co-founder and CEO of the organisation.

He continues: “In Latin America, lack of capital, and lack of community support keeps thousands of designers, artists, techies, inventors, filmmakers and other artists from realizing to their amazing ideas. Some of these ideas could become products, works of art, or experiences that could change the world.”

Indeed, each little box on your screen is full to burst with ambition and excitement, as the slogan banner tells you to “Search projects. To be a producer.” With contributions flooding in already, this seems to be just that little bit more than a pipedream.

For more information or to join in yourself producing and creating go to www.idea.me.


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