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Huffington Post on Endeavor, “Geeks on a Plane,” and entrepreneurship in Chile

In an article today on The Huffington Post, “Chile Edging Up to America as Startup Haven,” Francine Hardaway describes Endeavor and it’s participation in the Geeks on a Plane program:

“On a Chilean freeway, being transported by bus from Santiago to Santa Cruz, a group of traveling technology entrepreneurs and investors hears startup pitches from companies being accelerated by Endeavor, a global nonprofit accelerator for entrepreneurs with a social purpose. These entrepreneurs are trying to turn Chile solar; purify water and design solar cars. Endeavor is active throughout Latin America; in Brazil, I met an Endeavor-sponsored entrepreneur whose company brings copper wire broadband solutions to small communities.”

The article goes on to discuss the Chilean government’s efforts (e.g., starting an accelerator called Startup Chile to “boost high potential”) to foster entrepreneurship in the country: “President Pinera told his audience this morning that Chile may have been late to the industrial revolution, but it won’t be late to the information revolution. He plans to do everything in his power to change the culture to one tolerant of risk, not afraid to fail and learn from mistakes. He told us Adam and Eve may have been the first entrepreneurs when they ate the forbidden fruit.”


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