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HSBC spotlights our mentor program & Entrepreneurs

The financial services company HSBC recently published and distributed to major UK newspapers the “100 Thoughts” [PDF], a series of publications focused on innovative business practices.

Thought #90, titled “Get a Mentor,” highlights the experience of Brazilian Entrepreneur Ivan Calia Barchese of Mextra. Endeavor introduced Barchese to Fausto Moreira, the retired president of Alcoa Brazil, whose guidance changed the way Barchese ran his business and helped accelerate its growth; in just three years, Mextra increased sales from $6M to $35M.

Chile’s Karina von Baer was also cited in Thought 84, “Turn Commodities into Specialties.” Her business, Oleotop, buys the rape crop from Chilean farms and transforms it into specialty oils to use as feed for the burgeoning salmon farming industry.


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