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USA Today, CNBC Magazine spotlight Endeavor Entrepreneur company HDS

by David Rousseau

HDS (Health Digital Systems) is making headlines, and rightly so. The Mexican company was featured in a recent edition of USA Today, as well as CNBC Magazine. At the forefront of the movement to modernize healthcare in Mexico, “HDS is helping put the health-care sector out of the dark ages.” Its web-based software helps hospitals, clinics, state departments, and health insurance companies deal with the serious problem of clinical mismanagement. Most health entities in Mexico operate with outdated technologies, to the detriment of the patient. Indeed, according to Endeavor Entrepreneur and company CEO Jaime Cater, “most hospitals in the country still operate in papers with no electronic records.”

HDS’s digital systems are solving the problem of inefficiency and mismanagement, bringing Mexico’s health care providers up to speed to the 21st century. Through HDS software, doctors can perform basic services such as issuing prescriptions and ordering medical tests in a much faster and more efficient manner. In the process, HDS reduces operational costs by up to 30%. As a leader in the movement to reform the health-care industry, it is no wonder that HDS is turning heads. The company’s software platform is the winner of the National Merit Award for Technology by the CONACYT (National Council for Science and Technology). HDS was also ranked as a “top 10 entrepreneur” by CNN Expansion. HDS is currently opening an office in Silicon Valley, where it intends to sell its products to the US.

In his 30 years as an entrepreneur, Jaime Cater has founded numerous companies. Nevertheless, since 2008, Jaime has devoted himself entirely to HDS. He is hoping that this will be the one company to leave a mark on the Mexican people. And with the invaluable service HDS is providing and the amount of attention the company is generating, we are well inclined to believe him.


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