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Entrepreneur Gustavo Arjones, on the ISP experience

The following is an article reprint that appeared last week on Socialmetrix’s blog. Its author, Gustavo Arjones, is CTO of Socialmetrix and one of the new Endeavor Entrepreneurs selected at the California ISP. Socialmetrix is a pioneer marketing information company in Latin America, providing research and analysis of online consumer generated media and traditional media to its clients.

First of all, I don’t think I have enough words to tell how glad I’m to be participated of the 36th ISP – Pebble Beach, California, CA, it was amazing, through local panel we face taught questions that helped is to rethink key process on the company, also realize Unique Value Proposition that we weren’t marketing or even considering as unique – mainly because it was easy put together that part of our system, we didn’t feel it was that important, and it was!

There is a long list of people in Argentina and Uruguay who helped us, giving fantastic and insightful feedbacks: Ale Mashad, Shirly Kalush, Celia Alfie, Emiliano Chamorro, Esteban Brenman, Federico Muxi, Gerry Garbulsky, Laura Raffo, Luciana Pagani, Martin Migoya, Martin Sommers, Miguel Sampedro, Pablo Saubidet, Rodolfo Montes de Oca, Santiago Costa, and more . . .

Reading the profile that Peter Olivier put together with Martin I felt accomplished, realizing that on so short period of time we created this company, with several clients, all over Latin America and US.

Flying to SF Bay Area brings deep feelings, as an information technology guy I used to think to succeed I should be there, every peace of code, program, operational system I always use on my field, came from this area.

In California, meeting others entrepreneurs, listen to their stories, some of them seems as an action movie! Energizes a lot, give a warm feeling you’re not alone, you can related to several people all over the world – It’s one of things Endeavors generates, this safe environment where everyone is willing to share their success and their fails, willing to “give back”.

It’s an auto-generate force, because at same moment I saw this warm welcome, willing to help behavior there is nothing less I can’t do anything beside enjoy the ride and help as many entrepreneurs I possibly can.

Reading the panelist biographies for me was like reading a little bit of the history of Information Technology and Venture Capital Industry, so many bright minds, and with so much expertise. What amazed most was those high profile professionals, taking the time to read, understand and judge my project, even if they were available to do such consulting service, I don’t think I would ever pay rate they would charge.

Together they have invested more than 10 Billion dollars in worldwide ventures, many of them serial entrepreneurs.

The team of Endeavor Global planed and execute an awesome event, with really fancy dinners and lunches optimized to generate networking and connections – again when we started talking about Socialmetrix with someone – many times interested ears, advices and contacts.

I can only describe the panel as the best beat I ever had! Doesn’t matter how big we foresee our project, we have been invited to think bigger! I had to swallow my pride sometimes to be open to those feedbacks, but at the end of the day, became clear all those guys don’t have another agenda but helping us.

As Ale Mashad told me “You can learn from the books or you can learn from the experience” – well my MBA brings the first, Endeavor is bring the second.

The debate day was hard to focus on the visits we were doing, my mind always comes back to same idea “did we do good? have we been approved?” – even though I’m already quite thankfully for all feedback I already been received, I wanna to win, be part of it!

Longest hour ever waiting on hotel lobby to talk with Shirly and Ale to know the results and the joy to hear “Welcome”, and that’s word I’ve more present from everyone who congrats us “Welcome”, it IS nice be part of the gang!

We are coming back with tons of ideas, homework and things to debate, and I’m very thankful to Endeavor and all ppl who worked hard and is part of this organization for all support.

I have no illusions that everything is figured out, I know that will be a lot of hard work but now I know I’ve a group of friends who are facing the same adversities and people with tons of experience, as an older brother.

This little (or long) post can’t describe whole palette of sensations and feelings during the process, but I hope it can help organizers realize how great have been their work on this event and appreciate I’m to be part of it.


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