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Globant’s innovative solutions wow Google

Endeavor’s Argentina-based company Globant is keeping ahead of the technology curve. Featured recently in an article on Bloomberg.com, the IT outsourcing company has been unstoppable since its first collaboration with Google in 2006.

For a company that began as an idea in the back of a Buenos Aires bar in 2003, naming Google as a customer three years later was game-changing for Globant. In 2006, Google hired the IT outsourcing company to test their new Google Checkout software, essentially to try to break the complicated payment system and work out the kinks before it was released. Google’s Development Relations Manager, Patrick Chanezon, was so impressed by Globant’s elegant hacking and flaw-finding techniques that he invited one of Globant’s former engineers, Bruno Rovagnati, to give a presentation at Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters. The room was overflowing. Since then, Globant has become one of Chanezon’s go-to outsourcing partners and the Argentinean company is currently working on refining Google Chrome and the Android operating system.

According to the Bloomberg article, Martin Migoya, Globant’s chief executive and one of the four co-founders (along with Guibert Englebienne, Martín Umaran, and Néstor Nocetti — all Endeavor Entrepreneurs), explained how being able to count Google as a customer opened doors for their company; with the search engine giant’s endorsement, growth exploded. Globant now has over 1,400 employees (compared to 350 in 2006) and about 150 customers, including LinkedIn, MySpace, Electronic Art and JWT. Migoya notes that last year revenues totaled about $50 million and this year Globant is on target to hit $90 million.

To keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology and software industry, Globant is positioning itself as a provider of “long-term innovation management,” rather than as an individual project contractor. As noted by the Bloomberg article: “Architectural shifts in the basic platforms of the software industry ‘really changed the game of innovation and what kind of stuff you can build and in what time frame,’ says Google’s Chanezon. ‘Globant is well-positioned to be a strong player.'”

To its advantage, Globant was one of the first companies of its kind in Latin America’s growing IT outsourcing industry. They were early adopters of open-source technology, which can combine with proprietary software faster and more cheaply. It also aids in cross-polinating technology and helping their clients maintain an innovative edge. They are well equipped to suggest new ideas to customers that may not have looked outside their specific scope of development. The fact that they are in the same time zone as the United States and that all Globant employees are required to speak English help streamline the process and offer a competitive advantage over some of their counterparts in Asia.

Globant’s culture and process are instrumental in maintaining such a forward-thinking and adaptable company. When a new project comes into Globant, it is first introduced to 20 “gurus” in a brainstorming session, before being assigned to a team. Particularly tough challenges are thrown out to all Globant employees, expected to reach 3,000 in the next year, up 50 percent from 2010. Perhaps Globant’s most important quality for staying ahead of the technology curve is that they value creativity and flexibility. After participating in an Endeavor-led tour to Google’s Mountain View campus, Globant modeled much of their corporate culture (including industrial design, bean bag chairs and all) after Google, and like Google encourages their employees to spend 20 percent of their time doing whatever they want, to explore “technologies nobody is asking for yet.”

As the Globant motto has it, “We are ready.”


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