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Entrepreneurs take flight with “Geeks on a Plane”

Recently, Endeavor Entrepreneurs partnered with Geeks On a Plane for their 2011 Latin American tour to network and discuss entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth. Endeavor Global’s Allen Taylor, Endeavor Chile’s Alan Farcas, and Endeavor Entrepreneur Oskar Hjertonsson among others organized the week-long event that embraced nerdiness and made ideas-sharing fun and inspiring.

Geeks On a Plane is a business travel and cultural exchange program created by Endeavor Entrepreneur and Global Board Member Wences Casares and Dave McClure, a self-described Silicon Valley Geek who has been an advisor or investor in more than 80 companies, and is passionate about helping startups with marketing, product strategy and startup metrics. Through Geeks On a Plane, they bring together other Silicon Valley techies, international entrepreneurs, investors, and bloggers to share information, advice, and information.

This year the group visited São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago and Buenos Aires where Endeavor companies Enox, Mercado Libre, Bling Nation and Globant participated in the program. Wences Casares was a panelist and discussed things he wished he had known when he was just beginning his entrepreneurial career and lessons he’s learned along the way (for instance, he wishes he had failed more often and more quickly). Peng Ong, the founder of Match.com emphasized the need for entrepreneurs to think big. He stressed that entrepreneurs in emerging markets are making big strides, and talk big, but they could still act bigger.

Included in the variety of activities, the Geeks On a Plane group toured the Rio de Janeiro Operations Center, attended a presentation by Carlos Roberto Osorio, the Secretary of Conservation & Public Services and Secretary General of the 2016 Olympic Committee, and met with Eduardo Paes, the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro. There were several mixers and networking opportunities, visits with local companies, a private Endeavor retreat in Chile, and visits with key officials. Chim Kan, a Brazilian entrepreneur, attended Geeks On a Plane to learn from start up savvy veterans and to expand his network. In reflecting on his week of meetings with Silicon Valley experts and investors, he remarked that the meeting of entrepreneurs is an important milestone in Latin America, one that shows the vibrancy and strength of the growing entrepreneurial community.

Check out a video about Geeks On A Plane’s Latin American tour HERE.


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