High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Financial Times highlights Endeavor

The Financial Times mentioned Endeavor in an article on “Social Entrepreneurship in Latin America.” The article quotes Rhett Morris, director of Endeavor’s Center for High-Impact Entrepreneurship (C-HIE), who “believes that, in given the relatively underdeveloped state of philanthropy in many Latin American countries, as well as the limitations of government social programmes, entrepreneurs will play an increasingly important part in delivering essential services.”

The article also spotlights Endeavor company Enova. Based in Mexico, Enova “designs, builds and operates small educational centres called the RIA – Red de Innovación y Aprendizaje (Learning and Education Network). Based on e-learning, the centres target low-income urban communities. Since May 2009, Enova has opened centres in 42 locations and more than 14,000 students have completed its courses. It aims to improve the education of 5m poor Mexicans by 2013.”

See the original post here; note that it is paywall-protected.


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