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#eSummitSF: Top tweets at 2011 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit

Last week, #eSummitSF became a popular hashtag in the Twitter world of entrepreneurship, with over 1,200 tweets in all. The trending tag was designated for all tweets related to the 2011 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit, which took place June 28th – June 30th in San Francisco. The bi-annual event featured over 400 founders, CEO’s, executives, and investors from around the globe, as well as leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation from over 15 countries. Between keynote speakers, intimate breakout session and informal networking, participants were constantly connecting and communicating, voicing their thoughts both online and off.

A special thanks to the Brazilian interactive studio TwitRadar.com for donating a customized (and quite snazzy!) front-end interface that aggregated all #eSummitSF tweets, which Endeavor displayed on big screens throughout the Summit event.

Here are some of the most notable quotes and reflections tweeted at #eSummitSF and @endeavor_global!

Keynote by Scott McNealy, Co-founder and former CEO, Sun Microsystems

“If everyone thinks you’re doing the right thing, then everyone would be doing it. Have a controversial strategy.”

“Forget about privacy! Most of the startups here in the Valley are about invading your privacy.”

“You should not do a hard copy of your business plan. Things are gonna change.“

“Steve Jobs understood the power of the secret.”

“Weak boards almost always are the cause of failures. Choose your board wisely.”

Keynote by Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO, Salesforce.com

”Four trends in technology: cloud computing, mobile, social platforms, massive adoption of IT products.”

“NOT concerned about web ownership by a few. Dominant players constantly shift.”

“Innovation is a baton being tossed between intemporal entrepreneurial paradigms.”

“Building one successful company is more exciting than serial entrepreneurship. Stay focused.”

“The give back rule: Donate 1% of your profits, 1% of your equity & 1% of your time.”

Keynote by Reid Hoffman, Executive Chairman and Cofounder, LinkedIn

“Entrepreneurship is jumping off a cliff and assembling an airplane on your way down.”

“If you don’t start aiming big, you’ll likely never get there.”

“Entrepreneurs are the modern pioneers, you can teach skills but can’t teach how to navigate the unknown.”

Other notable speaker quotes:

“Winning entrepreneurs in high risk markets are the ones who go global from day one.” – Dan Senor, Senior Advisor, Elliot Management and Co-author Startup Nation

“I’ll be surprised if 50% of online commerce is not done through mobile by 2016.” – Diego Piacentini, SVP, International Retail, Amazon

“Start ups by definition are the exceptions to the rule, if they are successful” – Matt Cohler, General Partner, Benchmark

“Hire ahead of your needs” – Gina Bianchini, Former CEO, Ning

“To be top ranked…your goal is to become the authority on your issue.” Matt Ackley, VP, Consumer Marketing, Google

“Focus on the current phase, but always plan the next two.” – Gina Bianchini, Former CEO, Ning

“Entrepreneurs are/should be free of echochambers. They can ask the greatest question of all: why?” – Chris Schroeder, CEO, HealthCentral and former CEO, Washington Post & Newsweek Interactive


On leadership & talent:

“The new CEO’s role is to coach not to dictate.”

“Focus on your top 25% of your team and expand from there. These people can bring similar people into game, makes you succeed.”

“Quality of the people reflects the quality of successful, fast growth. Be diligent about your team quality.”

On failure:

“Fail cheap, fail at low prototyping. This way you can try again and again very fast and easily.”

On growth:

“Invitation for all VCs thinking about going global, please think about settling in & building an ecosystem – not all money is green.”

“Raise $ when you can, not when you need, do due diligence on investors, make your startup connected to community with global mindset.”

Final Takeaways:

“Having an idea is not the point. Creating a network around that idea is the point.”

“Control is an illusion. What you can do is influence people.”

“It’s not about the ceiling wall but the sticky floor.”

“Lessons learned: On HR – It comes down to making sure the right people are ALLOWED to do a great job!”

“Take away after 3 intense days at Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit: it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”


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