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Endeavor Turkey partners with Akbank for pathbreaking $20 million credit pool

Endeavor Turkey has launched a highly-publicized partnership with Akbank, one of the largest private banks in Turkey. The partnership provides Endeavor Entrepreneurs with a $20 million credit pool, with access to more favorable rates, terms, and payment options than the market offers. The average loan amount offered per entrepreneur is one of the highest offered in Turkey.

A ceremony and press conference took place on May 25th to celebrate the partnership, which could serve as a best practice example for other Turkish banks providing banking services to entrepreneurs. Endeavor Turkey recognizes Vice-Chair Suzan Sabanci Dinçer for initiating the project, Finance Committee Members (Bülent Çelebi, Mahmut Ünlü, Mustafa Say, Murat Özyegin) for offering guidance and feedback throughout all stages, and Chairman Özcan Tahincioglu for his continued support.


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