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Endeavor Summit: Top Tweets from #endeavorsummit

It’s only fitting that the 2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit, which featured a keynote discussion from Twitter’s co-founders, also took on a life of its own on Twitter itself (#endeavorsummit). Here, all in one place, are some of the most inspiring, interesting, and “Endeavor-y” tweets from this year’s Summit!


@lindarottenberg: Thanks to all the speakers, mentors, entrepreneurs and @endeavor_global (worldwide) team for making #endeavorsummit a huge success!

@NickBeim Loved the 2013 #endeavorsummit, continue to be inspired by Endeavor entrepreneurs, who generate $5bn+ in rev/year bit.ly/hdIXJl

@matthaggman Heading home after an outstanding @endeavor_global summit. What an incredible group of people. #endeavorsummit pic.twitter.com/J0ULNUD01Q

@dterminel The #endeavorsummit DREAM TEAM! pic.twitter.com/0AHBhYOtqN

@jmalvaradob The end! Thanks to @endeavor_global for a GREAT #Endeavorsummit pic.twitter.com/nn96jmpX6M

@avikkghose thank you @endeavor_global @fabref for a wonderful #Endeavorsummit and many great memories! see you soon…

@walterpenfold Thanks @endeavor_global for a phenomenal #endeavorsummit – I’m going back to South Africa full of ideas and inspiration

@Pilarmari WOW @EndeavorGlobal – you delivered happiness to all!!! Congratulations on the BEST #endeavorsummit

@MarkNoronha Great meeting outstanding #entrepreneurs, #massimpact ideas at #endeavorsummit !! Vision, Passion & Silicon Valley!! #SAP #Startups

@omvestments Reflecting on @endeavor_global #Endeavorsummit – omvestments.com/?p=915 #onvest

@Didem_Endeavor: the world would be a better place if we had more Silicon Valley clusters across the globe – Go Endeavor!

@Didem_Endeavor: Silicon Valley is all about “friendlove” = respect for someone’s brains & attitudes = peer learning community


Ali Partovi

@tvattikuti: “How many eggs would you need to have before you need a second basket?” -Ali Partovi on the need for start ups to focus

@walterpenfold: “The single most formative skill one can own is to assess talent”

@_bchen: If someone doesn’t want to join me, I don’t consider that a loss. Just another step in the relationship.

@dterminel: “When running my companies, the biggest mistake i made, was being afraid of taking big risks”

@didem_endeavor: The entrepreneur’s pure addiction is creative problem solving, whether for business or social impact.

@Sati_fied: “Don’t let your fear of failing stop you from taking risks”

Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone

@guibert: “You can’t blueprint your company culture but you can shepherd it”

@Sati_fied: “When i left @twitter it was bcoz i wanted to expand my service to people by creating something new” @biz

@Sati_fied: “Every transaction is a social event” @biz when @jack told him about square

@tvattikuti: “When you are emotionally invested in something, it will carry you through the bad times” -@biz

@EntreLeadership: “Timing, perseverance & 10 years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” – Biz Stone

“If I spend all my energy being worried, the whole company will be worried”
@burningcrow: “Commerce is just a kind of communication” @jack on square

@fabref: #endeavorsummit More Jack Dorsey genius: company leaders can’t look angry or worried. Their job is to look happy. It’s contagious.

@Sati_fied: “Twitter has always been a public service.” So much respect for @jack & @biz

@tvattikuti: “It’s not about the technology, it’s about humanity.” Well said @jack

@Didem_Endeavor: Twitter Co-founders Jack Dorsey & Biz Stone: Company culture is born, by design or not. Founders’ happiness sets the tone.

John Donahoe

@tvattikuti: Donahoe calls out endeavor entrepreneurs & eBay partners @Fisbecer of pozitron and ideame on global collaboration at scale!

@Fisbecer: The online and offline distinction in commerce is getting blurred says eBay CEO John Donahoe #endeavorsummit @endeavor_global

Dave Goldberg

@RashaManna: Dave Goldberg advice: work w/ pple u like to work work, work w/ pple smarter than u, work to people’s strengths @EndeavorJo

@RashaManna: Survey monkey, the ultimate lean startup – Dave Goldberg @EndeavorJo

@RashaManna: Find businesses where you can grow profitably, makes raising capital to scale much easier – Dave Goldberg @EndeavorJo

@rakaneur: “treps smtims look for scaling up only, how about looking for Profitable Growth & not needing to raise money?” Dave Goldberg

@SallyBuberman: Dave Goldberg – “When investors told us no, we were challenged to prove them wrong”

@agalvanc: “Defining vision&strategy, helping my team where I add value,and helping my team to execute better is my job”. Dave Goldberg

Wenceslao Casares

@ChambersErika: Don’t prepare for your #VC mtg like u would the SATs, prepare as you would for a first date. Wences Casares @lemonwallet

Ben Horowitz

@peterolivier: I’m glad everyone is learning from my mistakes. They were extremely painful. – Ben Horowitz

@peterolivier: Gauntlet thrown down by Ben Horowitz. The people that build the biggest companies move to Silicon Valley.

@lvminott: Ben Horowitz thinks you have to move to Silicon Valley to build a great company- look around the room @bhorowitz

@agalvanc: Any advice to entrepreneurs? I hope you have an irational desire to build a company…you will need it! Ben Horowitz

@agalvanc: If anybody is developing a great product and is dominating in its market..we will invest!!!. no matter where.. Ben Horowitz.

Gina Bianchini

@pilarmari: “The people that are excited about the challenges are the ones that will move your idea forward” G Bianchini

@agalvanc: “When choosing talent choose those that love thrill of the game, face challenges.The attitude is key for success.” Bianchini.

Roy Gilbert

@agalvanc: “If you want to be an entrepreneur dont overweigh short term risk and underweigh long term risk. Do vice versa” Gilbert

@Didem_Endeavor: Roy Gilbert: Learning from each other is much more effective than a classroom; reflection & laughter critical success factor

@ChambersErika: “Growth produces the most opportunities but can also produce the most casualties”@roygilbert on employee #retention

Andres Moreno

@matthaggman: @talktoandres on three yardsticks to finding good people: good hearted; they are open to learning; u can learn from them.

@agalvanc: Open English has raised $120 million dlls.Now has 200,0000 students.Extending to US. Great entrepreneurship from LatAm!

@tvattikuti: “It was a challenge to raise institutional capital as a husband and wife team” – Andres Moreno

@agalvanc: Helping people to be more competetive is something that drives our passion and efforts. Andres Moreno Open English.

Aileen Lee

@walterpenfold: “Product companies need to focus more on design, creativity and user experience, to be successful” @aileenlee

@endeavorarg: tell people what you are trying to work on, ask for help. Aileen Lee #advice

@lvminott: Best interview question: “In your performance reviews, what negative feedback have you received?” – Aileen Lee

@Randalltavierne: You should have a Growth Team for your business. Great advice from Aileen Lee

@tvattikuti: Its 1 thing to build a product that people buy & don’t use. It’s another to build a product that delights. -Aileen lee @kpcb

Hosain Rahman

‏@mateojaramirez4h: “Design is just attention to detail” what does your user want? @hosain @Jawbone pic.twitter.com/Q8wQdzryaE

Mitch Free

@aamin1968: “Every person is genius in something” Mitch Free, http://MFC.com #endeavorsummit @ask_arabia

Jenn Lim

@pilarmari: Hire slowly and fire quickly- Jenn Lim

@tvattikuti: “Company core values should be more than a plaque on a wall.” – Jenn Lim

@tvattikuti: “If you get your company culture right, everything else (productivity, efficiency, etc.) will flow” Jenn Lim of @DHMovement

@sati_fied: “Be true to your weird self”

Geoff Ralston

@agalvanc “You might not get rich with an Incubator/Accelerator, but you might change the world”, Ralston

@agalvanc: “Build something that lasts…don’t get stucked with the idea of a big exit….be profitable”, Geoff Ralston

@sati_fied: “When u r profitable, investors love u. Bcoz u no longer need them. Focus on survivability, not exit”-Geoff Ralston,Ycomb

@_bchen: The only reason companies fail is because the founders give up. – Geoff Ralston

Andy Kleinman

@dilekdayinlarli: Retention is the #1 thing for mobile applications, #2 engagement–Andy Kleinman

Maneesh Goyal

@lvminott: “Millennials care about money, they care more about being empowered, they care about being comminuted with, not down to” – Maneesh Goyal

Nick Beim

@tvattikuti: If you’re an Internet entrepreneur, you want to hire someone who studied math to run your marketing – Nick Beim

@tvattikuti: Nick Beim’s Secret of the Universe: Sales and marketing is not an art, it’s a science.

Sidar Sahin

@tvattikuti: People are the same everywhere. Your IQ and intelligence has nothing to do with gender, race or nationality. -Sidar Sahin

@tvattikuti: It’s important to hire young people – Sidar Sahin. @PeakGames has a 22 year old running marketing.



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