High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Endeavor Summit Day Three: Endeavor’s Fernando Fabre and Bain’s Chris Zook close Summit by reflecting on “The Founder’s Mentality”

The 2013 Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit concluded with two inspirational keynotes.

Endeavor President Fernando Fabre delivered an address on High-Impact Founders, reflecting on what makes High-Impact Entrepreneurs different and the lifecycle of these rare innovators. “A high impact entrepreneur is defined in two stages,” he said. “Stage one: be successful and scale. Stage two: use the success to mentor and invest in other entrepreneurs.” He highlighted Endeavor’s continued research in studying the “multiplier effect” as one of the most effective ways of fostering a culture or “ecosystem” of entrepreneurship.

The last session was titled “The Founder’s Mentality,” featuring Chris Zook. Zook is a best-selling book author, a speaker at international forums and a Partner at Bain & Company, where he helps companies find new avenues that will help foster growth. In his keynote he discussed new research on how founders think and quoted some old time thinkers, too — including Aristotle’s “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is a habit.”

That founder’s mentality of excellence is something to believe in – “founder-led companies outperform non-founder led companies by approximately two times as much,” he said. Founders are more like conquerors in this day and age, it seems; they are pushing the economy forward and taking the risks that often lead to the greatest successes.

And what’s the key to a founder’s success according to Zook? In a word, “Focus.”


Note:  To learn more about Bain’s work on the Founders Mentality, click here.



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