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Endeavor selects 23 High-Impact Entrepreneurs at California ISP

From September 29 to October 1, Endeavor hosted its 36th International Selection Panel (ISP) in Pebble Beach, California, welcoming 23 new High-Impact Entrepreneurs (representing 13 firms) from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico and Turkey. Endeavor now supports 540 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 349 companies.

TechCrunch reporter Sarah Lacy, who attended the event, published this commentary (Oct 1).

Congratulations to the organizers and panelists at our first-ever West Coast ISP, and to the following selected entrepreneurs:


Entrepreneurs: Andres Alterini, Mariano Elizari & Santiago Pinto Escalier
Company: Smowtion
Description: Smowtion operates an ad serving network that maximizes ROI for advertisers and publishers through innovative use of targeting and optimization technology.

Entrepreneurs: Martin Enriquez, Juan Manuel Damia & Gustavo Arjones
Company: Socialmetrix
Description: Socialmetrix provides market research solutions that monitor companies’ presence across social media and helps them improve their image, products and communications.

Entrepreneur: Tiago Moura Mendonca
Company: ABC – Atacado Brasileiro da Construcao
Description: ABC operates a growing chain of home improvement stores in the province of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Entrepreneur: Marcos Burattini
Company: Vivere Brasil
Description: Vivere is a first-mover in providing an innovative BPO solution to the real estate loan market in Brazil, helping to make that country’s rapidly expanding mortgage market more efficient and accurate.

Entrepreneur: Dr. Pamela Chavez-Crooker
Company: Aguamarina
Description: Aguamarina is the leader in the development of biotechnology processes and services for the mining industry in Chile and abroad.

Entrepreneurs: David Assael & David Basulto
Company: Plataforma Networks/ArchDaily
Description: Plataforma Networks operates important online media platforms that connect architects and companies worldwide.

Entrepreneurs: Pedro Tosin & Diego Diaz del Castillo
Company: Oruga
Description: Oruga is an emerging player in the Colombian animation industry.

Entrepreneur: Ahmed Hindawi
Company: Hindawi Publishers
Description: Hindawi uses an Open Access publishing system that has made it an emerging player in worldwide scientific research and journal publishing.

Entrepreneurs: Ramzi Halaby & Zafer Younis
Company: Modern Media
Description: Modern Media delivers comprehensive integrated marketing solutions that enable clients throughout the MENA region to use social media to stand out and connect with their target audience.

Entrepreneurs: Firas Al-Otaibi, Mohammed Asfour, & Wael Attili
Company: Think Arabia (Kharabeesh / Untitled)
Description: Think Arabia is an innovative player in developing creative Arabic animation content for new media platforms.

Entrepreneurs: Eduardo Graniello & Felipe Labbe
Company: Intellego
Description: Intellego provides business intelligence solutions that increase clients’ revenues, cut costs and improve performance.

Entrepreneur: Yunus Guvenen
Company: Digitouch
Description: Digitouch is creating a marketing revolution in Turkey by creating the first affiliate marketing network in that country.

Entrepreneur: Erdem Yurdanur
Company: Kokteyl
Description: Kokteyl focuses on business-to-consumer marketing projects on both mobile and web platforms.


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