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Endeavor partners with Ernst & Young to support research and entrepreneur selection

Recently, the global professional services firm Ernst & Young (EY) signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with Endeavor Global. Under the agreement, EY will sponsor Endeavor research on topics related to entrepreneurship in emerging markets. EY support will also extend to Endeavor’s International Selection Panels. Endeavor will become a designated supporter of, and help to identify potential nominees for, EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year program in countries where both organizations operate.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Ernst & Young,” says Endeavor Co-Founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg. “There’s an incredibly strong alignment between our two organizations’ commitments to promoting high-impact entrepreneurs throughout the world.”

Says Greg Ericksen, EY’s Global Vice Chair, Strategic Growth Markets: “We’re excited about a financial management curriculum we’re currently developing for Endeavor Entrepreneurs. It will cover assurance, tax issues and leading practice, as well as effective risk management and funding for growth. Our intent is to equip entrepreneurs with access to our resources, knowledge and technical insight to drive and accelerate their growth.”

Expressing enthusiasm for the agreement, EY Chairman and CEO Jim Turley notes, “In emerging markets, entrepreneurship plays an important role in fueling growth, adding jobs and building the middle class. Endeavor has proven itself to be highly effective at unleashing the power of the entrepreneurial spirit in these markets.” He adds: “By supporting and aligning ourselves with Endeavor, we will continue to build relationships with the leaders of tomorrow and our status as the best brand for providing advice to entrepreneurial and fast-growth private and public business.”

Ernst & Young has long been a supporter of Endeavor, including as part of our Fellows program, where senior EY executives undertake three-month on-site mentorships with Endeavor Entrepreneurs.


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