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Endeavor Mexico Entrepreneur Javier Okhuysen interviewed on BBC World Service

The BBC News World Service Business Daily Radio featured Endeavor Mexico Company Sala Uno in  “The Healthcare Timebomb,” a segment on healthcare efficiency in the face of financial crises and aging populations.

Sala Uno utilizes innovative surgical techniques and a vertically-integrated supply chain to provide high-quality, affordable cataract surgery and eye care to low-income Mexicans. In 2012, when founder Javier Okhuysen was selected by Endeavor, the company completed more than 2100 cataract surgeries.

BBC reporter Ed Butler spoke to Okhuysen about the barriers Mexicans face to receiving crucial eye treatment and care. Sala Uno’s private vision centers and clinics in Mexico City are preventing avoidable blindness in older, previously untreated Mexicans.

Listen to the segment here.



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