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Endeavor Mentor of 2011 (Emerging Markets) nominees announced

Congratulations to the nine nominees for the Endeavor Mentor of 2011 (Emerging Markets) Award, to be revealed at our Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit later this month! These nominations recognize some of the Endeavor network members –- based in the emerging markets where Endeavor operates –- who have most embodied the spirit of Endeavor and had the highest impact over the past 12 months through a combination of mentoring Endeavor Entrepreneurs, participating in the network, and supporting and guiding Endeavor’s continued growth. A big congratulations to all the nominees.

Nicolas Szekasy
MercadoLibre.com (Argentina)

Since helping take MercadoLibre.com (an Endeavor company) public as its CFO in 2009, Nicolas Szekasy has been supporting entrepreneurs in the internet startup space as an investor and board member. He is a member of the Endeavor Argentina board, an Entrepreneur Services Committee member, and a well-respected mentor, advising Endeavor Entrepreneurs on strategy definition and execution, general management, finance, M&A, and team building.

Edson Rigonatti
Astella Investimentos (Brazil)

Edson Rigonatti is one of the most engaged mentors for Endeavor Brazil, donating more than 60 hours in 2010. Not only does he have a close relationship with many of the entrepreneurs, he is also engaged in internal strategic discussions, especially in Search and Selection and Entrepreneur Services, helping to train the team, add structure to the departments and improve Endeavor Brazil’s services. Edson actively participates in Endeavor events and programs such as the Gala Dinner and CEO Summit, and has spoken at several workshops and classes in Brazil’s Outreach and Education programs. Edson is also one of the first Brazilian members of Endeavor’s recently launched Investor Network.

Eduardo Novoa
Novoa Inversiones (Chile)

Eduardo Novoa is an independent consultant and a Board Member for Soquimich & Mainstream Renewable Power. He has held positions in business development, corporate strategy, and asset management at a number of Chilean and multinational companies. Eduardo joined Endeavor Chile’s Advisory Board in 2007. He spends countless hours mentoring Endeavor Entrepreneurs and is one of the creators of the high impact “Endeavor (YPO) Forum”. In the months following the earthquake in Chile in 2010, Eduardo and a group of Endeavor Entrepreneurs and Venturecorps members raised over US$1 million to support the reconstruction of the area, by far the most important social impact achieved in the history of Endeavor Chile.

Diego Garzon
Azurian (Colombia)

Diego Garzon is a partner at Azurian, a regional IT consulting firm. In 2010, Diego donated more than 80 hours to Endeavor Colombia, assisting with Search and Selection and Entrepreneur Services. Diego has been particularly committed to supporting Endeavor Entrepreneur Felipe Vergara of Lumni, leading meetings of the company’s technology advisory committee twice a month, and even traveling to Mexico to support Lumni’s expansion and growth.

Marianne Hesni
Hesni Group (Egypt)

Marianne Hesni is CFO of the Hesni Group, one of the leading companies in Egypt’s textile industry, and a long time Endeavor mentor. She recently became the first member of the country’s VentureCorps to join the Board of Endeavor Egypt. She is an active participant in local panels, roundtables, and events and is planning on attending the upcoming International Selection Panel (ISP) in Jordan.

Julio Gutiérrez
Grupo Metiz (Mexico)

In 2010, Julio donated 128 hours to Endeavor Mexico, more than any other Endeavor Mexico mentor. In addition to being a member of Endeavor Mexico’s Advisory Board, he serves on the advisory boards of four Endeavor Entrepreneur companies: Grupo MYT; Procesa Chiapas; Maskota; and Chilim Balam. He was a panelist at the International Selection Panel (ISP) in Chile and has offered his time in 46 Second Opinion Reviews and Mentoring Sessions since 2009. He is Endeavor Mexico’s Mentor of the Year for 2010.

Tanya Petzer
Engineer Your Tomorrow (South Africa)

Engineer Your Tomorrow (EYT) is a Talent Management and Organizational Culture Consultancy that has facilitated HR Peer Mentorship Sessions for Endeavor companies in South Africa. Tanya Petzer, a partner at EYT, has played a key role in facilitating these meetings since November 2009. With her guidance, HR professionals have found ways to engage with top management at their firms to bring HR to the forefront in important decisions. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have highlighted Tanya’s leadership in these meetings, which have allowed directors to engage in a dialogue about challenges they are facing at their respective firms. They have praised Tanya for helping them link HR-related issues to the core values and objectives of their overall business.

Ziya Boyacigiller
Angel Investor (Turkey)

Ziya Boyacigiller is an entrepreneur and investor who makes early-stage investments in technology start-ups—in Silicon Valley and Istanbul—and works with founding teams to help them grow their companies. He lectures MBA students on Entrepreneurship at Sabanci University in Istanbul. Ziya is currently on the advisory boards of three Endeavor companies in Turkey. Has been coaching the Endeavor Turkey team on developing a new TV program and can be found in their office every other week, meeting with entrepreneurs or with the staff. He is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and entrepreneurship advocate.

Andrés Cerisola
Ferrere (Uruguay)

Andrés Cerisola is partner of Ferrere, one of the most important Uruguayan lawyers’ groups. He has been a member of Endeavor Uruguay’s Board of Directors since 2007 and is very committed to Endeavor’s mission. In 2010, he donated many hours as a mentor in his home country, and actively participated in the most recent International Selection Panels (ISPs) in Mexico and London, representing Endeavor Uruguay and its entrepreneurs.


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