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Endeavor Insight Report on What Entrepreneurs Want in a City Featured in Inc. Magazine and The Atlantic

Inc-Magazine-LogoA report by Endeavor Insight released in February examines the top qualities that American entrepreneurs look for when choosing a city to live and work. With research based on surveys and interviews with 150 founders of some of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., the report offers some important takeaways for policymakers and continues to receive media coverage in notable outlets like The Atlantic, The Atlantic Cities and Inc. Magazine.

James Fallows cited the report in an article for The Atlantic, arguing that national policy – including tax rates and regulatory breaks – usually has little to do with where businesses and populations eventually settle and grow. Rather, the quality of life and attractiveness of a locale takes priority for most high-impact entrepreneurs, as Endeavor’s research reveals. Similarly, Richard Florida highlighted the report’s key findings in a piece for The Atlantic Cities, noting the importance of factors like talent and customer access, quality of life and urban infrastructure to entrepreneurs’ decisions. Picking up on Florida’s observations, Inc. Magazine’s Ilan Mochari spotlighted the research and the importance of looking beyond the “startup” phase at the crucial point of “scaleup”, when small enterprises  have the largest potential for high-impact growth – the key focus of the Endeavor model.

To read the full articles from each publication, click the links above. To view the full Endeavor Insight report click here, and also see an infographic summary of the findings below.



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