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Endeavor Insight Releases Interactive Financial Dashboard

Endeavor Insight releases an interactive financial dashboard here.

Entrepreneurs need a good idea, a good team, and, more often than not, financing.   This financing can take many forms, and certainly, financing needs change throughout the life cycle of the company.   While the U.S. and Israel are often considered the “gold standard” for finance ecosystems, access to finance in emerging markets is usually discussed at a more anecdotal level.


New analysis by Endeavor Insight seeks to demystify the financial landscapes of the 13 emerging markets in which Endeavor Entrepreneurs operate.  Composed of 50 separate indicators which measure access to capital across stage of financing (e.g., M&A, late, growth, or early stage), type of financing (debt or equity), and measure of financing (average financing per firm, financing as a portion of GDP, and total absolute financing), a new interactive dashboard allows users to view a bottoms-up sizing of the financing picture in each of these economies as well as those of the U.S. and Israel.


Key insights from this analysis include:

  • 1) The most important metric for entrepreneurs to look for in an economy is financing per firm.
  • 2) Policy makers, investors and business leaders should strive to increase the amount of equity financing, focusing particularly on venture capital to scale businesses.
  • 3) Exit opportunities should also be supported, to show investors that they can capitalize on their investments.


To learn more about the financing opportunities around the work and draw your own conclusions, experiment with the interactive financial dashboard here.


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