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Endeavor Indonesia Hosts Entrepreneur Networking Event With 500 Startups’ “Geeks On A Plane” Tour

Indonesia logoEndeavor Indonesia hosted a local networking gathering for Endeavor entrepreneurs, mentors and network members featuring Geeks On A Plane (GOAP), an invite-only startup and investor tour organized by 500 Startups. The event brought together over 80 attendees to discuss the entrepreneurship landscape in Southeast Asia and connect with local stakeholders, positioning Endeavor as a leader in the space.

Organized by 500 Startups, a Silicon Valley-based  seed fund and startup accelerator, the GOAP tour convenes entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders to learn about high-growth technology markets worldwide and explore cross-border opportunities. Taking the form of large networking events, the tour has reached across Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and North America.

Five Endeavor Indonesia Entrepreneurs and 15 entrepreneur candidates were in attendance, along with 16 mentors, 4 partners and over 40 representatives from GOAP. The Geeks on a Plane guest list consisted of top tech entrepreneurs and venture capital investors from around the world.  The entrepreneurs expressed the importance of Endeavor’s resources in allowing them exposure to a global network, while the VC attendees had the opportunity to meet with companies at a mature stage of scaleup growth.

During the course of the dinner, attendees had the chance to meet and network casually for four hours. Sati Rasuanto, managing director of Endeavor Indonesia, addressed the crowd with a short speech and welcomed all of the network members. 500 Startups founder and Endeavor mentor Dave McClure was also in attendance, and introduced GOAP as a medium for connecting ecosystems of entrepreneurship around the world.


Attendees of the event networking over dinner


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