High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Endeavor Entrepreneurs Featured in Drucker Institute’s Monthly Radio Program

The Drucker Institute, a think tank based at Claremont Graduate University, traveled to the Endeavor Entrepreneur Summit in San Francisco to speak with nine Endeavor Entrepreneurs from Latin America, Africa, and Europe. The interviews highlight the shared vision of Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, and Endeavor, which realizes that vision throughout the world through its network of mentors and high-impact entrepreneurs.

In wide ranging discussions, Phalana Tiller, the host of the Institute’s monthly radio program, spoke with Endeavor’s entrepreneurs about the importance of mentoring, the challenges of finding market focus, and potential sources of future growth. Asked about the role of mentoring in helping him and his business to achieve high impact, Carlo Gonzaga, an Endeavor Entrepreneur from South Africa’s Taste Holdings responded “we treat our franchisees in a kind of mentoring relationship. There’s no substitute for good old fashioned wisdom.”

Visit the Drucker Institute’s website to hear more from Carlo Gonzaga of Taste Holdings, Phaedra Chrousos of Daily Secret, Sally Buberman of Wormhole IT, Raúl Maldonado and Mois Cherem Arana of Enova, Melih Ödemis of Yemek Sepeti, Hervé Cuviliez of Diwanee,  Raúl Polakof of Scanntech, and Bernardo Lustosa of ClearSale.


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