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Endeavor Entrepreneurs Andy Freire, Santiago Bilinkis, Marcos Galperin and Wences Casares join Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Larry Page as “most admired” entrepreneurs in Argentina

A new study published by Argentine research institute Prodem asked 1,000 Argentine entrepreneurs to name the entrepreneurs who had most inspired them.  Endeavor Argentina board chair and entrepreneur, Andy Freire, came in second only to Steve Jobs and just ahead of Bill Gates. Rounding out the list of the top 10 most admired worldwide were Endeavor Entrepreneurs Santiago Bilinkis, Marcos Galperin and Wences Casares.  The study has been publicized widely in Argentine media including leading newspapers such as Ambito Financiero, Clarin and Cronista Comercial.

The full ranking is below:

#1:  Steve Jobs
#2:  Andy Freire
#3: Bill Gates
#4: Santiago Bilinkis
#5:  Marcos Galperin
#6: Fulvio Pagani
#7:  Mark Zuckerberg
#8:  Larry Page
#9:  Ricky Sarkany
#10:  Wences Casares

Endeavor entrepreneurs took 5 of the top 10 spots when the list was limited to Argentina only with Globant co-founder and CEO Martin Migoya included as well.

The Prodem ranking is part of a larger study surrounding the importance of building entrepreneurial ecosystems to inspire the creation of new companies in Latin America.  The results confirm the importance of key individuals in inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs, a finding also explored by Endeavor Insight — which included many of the same entrepreneurs — in  an earlier study on the Argentine multiplier effect.



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