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Endeavor Entrepreneur scales Everest…again

Rodrigo Jordan returned to Mount Everest to celebrate 20 years since his first ascent.

Endeavor Entrepreneur Rodrigo Jordan has just climbed Mount Everest…again. The first Latin American to reach the summit, Rodrigo was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur for his company Vertical, which offers outdoor education, expeditions, and team-building to schools and leading corporations throughout Chile. After returning from his first climb of Everest in 2004, he founded Fundacion Vertical, a charitable organization that fosters social skills in children through outdoor activities. Read about his recent expedition below:

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Chilean Team Climbs Mount Everest
by Daniel Boyle

MOUNT EVEREST, NEPAL — A Chilean team led by Rodrigo Jordan has reached the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point in the world. It was Jordan’s second climb to the summit with the journey marking twenty years since his first ascent. He was not only the first Chilean to reach the summit, but the first from Latin America.

The current team also includes two other Chilean climbers who had previously reached the summit. Eugenio “Kiko” Guzmán and Ernesto Olivares. Both climbers made the journey in 2004.

In a sign of the change of the times since his first ascent, Rodrigo Jordan has been keeping his followers up to date through his Twitter account. The messages were immediately relayed to the world.
rodrigo jordan 270×168 Chilean Team Climbs Mount Everest

Rodrigo Jordan returned to Mount Everest to celebrate 20 years since his first ascent.

Rodrigo Jordan came to visit the I Love Chile studio earlier this year. You can listen to the podcast. The 1992 expedition was the third attempt for Jordan after two unsuccessful attempts. This latest expedition also included three members from the Chilean Army.

The members of the team are Rodrigo Jordan (Expedition Leader), Eugenio Guzmán (Deputy Expedition Leader), Gabriel Becker (Head of Climbers), Sebastián Irárrazaval (Expedition Doctor), Ernesto Olivares, Sebastián Varela, Pedro Vidal, Lorenzo Ruiz, Juan José Varela. (Climbers), Felipe Olea, Juan Díaz, Paulo Grandy (Climbers, Army of Chile), Cristobal Hurtado (Cameraman) and Sofia Jordan (Base Camp Manager).

On return from the successful climb of Everest, Jordan started Fundacion Vertical, aimed at building social skills for children by outdoor activities. Vertical also runs corporate leadership programs.

“We don’t have anything typical. We have learned to co-design our programs with the clients,” Jordan said in his interview on the Hot Chile program.

The Chilean group was the first expedition to reach the summit this season. They reached the 8,848 meter summit at 1:50 p.m. local time. This journey was the fifth Chilean expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Before returning to the fourth camp, Jordan tweeted, “We need your company and thoughts for the long journey back to 4.”

From the camp, the group will link with Chilean Defense Minister Andres Allamand by satellite phone.


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