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Endeavor Entrepreneur Levent Yilmaz profiled in The National

Newly selected Endeavor Entrepreneur Levent Yilmaz was profiled by The National in an article highlighting the success story behind Baydöner, his restaurant chain in Turkey, which last year added 27 locations and increased revenues by 90 percent.

Much of this success comes from the founder “knowing his numbers”:

To get the biggest bang for each lira, Mr Yilmaz’s chain offers just one main dish and only six sides so that food procurement costs and food wastage are kept to a minimum. His employees are trained to turn around every order in an average of only seven minutes. And each customer is usually out the door within half an hour, with the same chair often being used more than 10 times in rapid succession, “which is providing us lots of efficiency”, said Mr Yilmaz.

At Endeavor’s recent International Selection Panel in Dubai, judges picked a total of 20 entrepreneurs, including Levent. Now he wants to expand further, including outside of Turkey.

“We need a very important thing: an international network,” Mr Yilmaz said at the selection meeting. “In Turkey and here [in Dubai], it was excellent to meet with the members of Endeavor. They gave us very good clues and strategic advice.”

Muwaffa Lahham, ISP panelist and chief executive of E3, a healthcare IT company in the UAE, was quoted as saying networks like Endeavor can help entrepreneurs to speed up the growth process by providing valuable introductions and by lending credibility to relatively unknown ventures.

“It helps a lot when you are part of an ecosystem,” said Mr Lahham, who, as a panellist during Endeavor’s event, spoke about doing business in the Middle East. “You’re just sharing your struggles and your strategies and progress and improvements, so that network is great.”


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