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Endeavor Entrepreneur company Fairtrasa wins 2012 Social Entrepreneurship award

The Americas Business Council (abc*) Foundation, a self-defined “think-do tank”, is on the forefront of empowerment and innovation in the Americas. The recent abc* Continuity Forum was held last week in Miami, and with keynote speakers such as Kofi Annan, Steve Wozniak and many other leaders in the field, the event was an impressive meeting of influential minds. Over 500 initiatives applied for support and funding from abc* to implement their initiatives over the next two years. Of these 500 entries, 32 finalists were given a chance to present their ventures at the forum. Endeavor’s own Fairtrasa was chosen as a 2012 winner.

Fairtrasa, Fairtrade South America, champions sustainable fair trade in Latin America through technical support and greater access, Fairtrasa ensures fair compensation for small-scale farmers as well as a high-quality product to markets overseas.

Patrick Struebi, Endeavor Entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Fairtrasa, was gracious in the acceptance of the award, stating that “this award is not only a very important recognition for the work we have been doing but also a clear sign that large organizations and political leaders increasingly recognize the importance and value of sustainable food projects and the need for including small scale-farmers into the world’s food supply systems. As a winner we will now receive support from the most influential business leaders over the course of the next two years to further scale our business to increase the positive impact for many more farmers.”

With the support of The Americas Business Council, the next two years will be full of growth not only for Fairtrasa, but for the small-scale farming initiatives they sponsor as well.


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