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Endeavor Entrepreneur Company Conexia Gives Back Through Carbon Reduction Plan


Endeavor Entrepreneur company Conexia, a healthcare IT service that digitizes medical transactions, recently announced the purchase of a plot of forest land in La Fidelidad National Park in Argentina’s Gran Chaco region. Founded by Sebastian Letemendia and Luis Navas, Conexia has a plan to reduce its carbon footprint by 5% by 2014, and decided to purchase the plot of forest in order to mitigate the environmental impact of its first 25 years of business. As a certified ‘B Corporation’ by B Lab, an NGO that evaluates corporate social and environmental performance, Conexia’s announcement demonstrates how successful entrepreneurs can give-back to their communities as part of Endeavor’s network and model.

Spread across 150,000 hectares of land in the country’s northern region, La Fidelidad was established through the efforts of NGOs and environmental advocates seeking to protect the area’s rich biodiversity and wildlife. To fund the protection of the park, public donors are allowed to choose and contribute to specific areas of land they want to preserve.

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