High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Endeavor Chile board profiled in leading business daily

The front page of today’s Diario Financiero, Chile’s top financial news publication, spotlights Endeavor Chile‘s board of directors and their prescription for fostering High-Impact Entrepreneurship. Be sure to check out the article (en español).

As business leaders like board chairman Salvador Said point out, the enterprise climate in Chile has grown more sophisticated, but can improve with a renewed focus on international expansion. Also recommended is a better dedication to entrepreneurial education in schools, both to impart skills and make entrepreneurship more culturally acceptable.

According to Alan Farcas, Managing Director of Endeavor Chile, the office supports more than 50 high-impact ventures (after screening more than 3,000 candidate companies), which in turn generate annual revenues of $300 million and 10 thousand jobs, and have raised $100 million from investors.

The board echoes the need for the private sector to play an active role in promoting an entrepreneurial ecosystem, based in a moral obligation by members of the business elite to give back, mentor, and encourage domestic innovation.


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