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Endeavor attends Global Entrepreneurship Congress

Last week, Endeavor representatives from 10 offices worldwide attended Kauffman’s Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) in Liverpool, England, a conference “where people, passion and potential are celebrated, inspired and accelerated.” As an important part of this 4th annual Global Entrepreneurship Congress, the 16 Endeavor representatives in attendance mingled with iconic business innovators such as Sir Richard Branson, founder and CEO of Virgin, and Stephen Felice, SME and Consumer President of Dell, while spreading their message on the positive effects of entrepreneurship, particularly in the emerging markets in which they focus their activities.

Endeavor Global’s Director of Marketing & Development, Rebecca Plofker addressed the Congress about how Endeavor uses the powerful stories of High-Impact Entrepreneurs to inspire future generations in developing economies as well as going into detail on what Endeavor affiliates do as country hosts during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). Citing the growing number of Endeavor Entrepreneurs participating in GEW activities, she also elaborated on how sharing these stories of success can inspire others to start their own enterprises, creating entrepreneurial ecosystems which act as a catalyst for economic growth and important job creation. This was followed up with a breakout session led by Rebecca, Mark Nager of Startup Weekend, and Nick Seguin of the Kauffman Foundation on how to foster and sustainably grow these entrepreneurial ecosystems.

It’s unsurprising that Endeavor had such an esteemed presence at the GEC, as last year ten Endeavor affiliates acted as host for Global Entrepreneurship Week in their countries. This event has become a cornerstone for Entrepreneurial creation worldwide, and is the globes’ largest celebration of innovators and job creators. Started in 2008, Global Entrepreneurship Week was celebrated last year in nearly 120 countries and directly impacted more than 6 million people worldwide, of more than 1 million of which came from Endeavor affiliate countries. Additionally, Endeavor country Turkey was recognized at the Congress for their GEW campaign, and won “Country of the Year” at the annual Gala. This week-long event has become an important tool for encouraging and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Additionally, it was announced during the Congress that Endeavor Brazil would host next years’ GEC in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil was one of the first Endeavor locations, and the country is often cited as an important example of how entrepreneurship can thrive in emerging markets to positively affect economic growth and create high-skilled jobs. This news marks another important step for Endeavor in becoming a recognized leader in the High-Impact Entrepreneurship movement.


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