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Endeavor and Linda Rottenberg Profiled in The Christian Science Monitor

christianscienceThe Christian Science Monitor, a U.S.-based international news publication, recently profiled Endeavor CEO Linda Rottenberg and the story of Endeavor, spotlighting the organization’s journey and its rapidly growing global impact. In particular, the article calls attention to Linda and co-founder Peter Kellner’s inspiration for starting Endeavor, after the pair noticed a discernible lack of support for many skilled entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs Ramzi Halaby, co-founder of  Jordan-based social media agency The Online Project, and Wences Casarescurrent founder of Xapo and serial entrepreneur, were both quoted in the piece discussing the effect that Endeavor has had on their own high-impact ventures. 

“Just by getting Endeavor’s feedback on our business plan, and by being challenged by different mentors and board members, our whole mind-set shifted,” Halaby says in the article reflecting on his selection. “I can tell the difference between how Jordan was before Endeavor and after. It has played a major role in building the ecosystem for entrepreneurs [here] and has made it easier for people like us to succeed.”

Read the entire Monitor article by clicking here.


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