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Endeavor and Ernst & Young share best practices for corporate volunteers in Stanford Social Innovation Review

Endeavor CEO and Co-Founder Linda Rottenberg was published in the 10th Anniversary Issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review. The article, focusing on best practices in corporate volunteer programs, was co-authored with Deborah K. Holmes, the Americas director of corporate responsibility for Ernst & Young.

“‘Resilient dynamism’—confronting adaptive challenges and turning them into transformational change—was the theme of this year’s World Economic Forum,” Rottenberg and Holmes write. “We believe one way to encourage this concept within emerging economies, inside leading businesses, and among young professionals is through well-designed international corporate volunteerism (ICV) programs.”

Endeavor and Ernst & Young have collaborated since 2006 on the Americas Corporate Responsibility (CR) Fellows program, which gives Ernst & Young’s top-performing, mid-career professionals an opportunity to assist high-impact entrepreneurs in Latin America for seven weeks. The program benefits both the entrepreneurs and CR Fellows.

As more and more leading companies are launching Volunteer programs, Rottenberg and Holmes put together six tips for designing a successful program:

“Focus money and time on the issues you understand.”

“Look for surprising connections, and find the right partner.”

“Look for the big change.”

“Create a context in which resilient dynamism can thrive.”

“Enter places that show promise.”

“Expect the change to be permanent.”

Read the article here.


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