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eMBA Field Report: Tying up loose threads in Chile

Cecile Aro is an MBA student at NYU Stern School of Business and spent her summer in Chile with Araucania Yarns.

It’s been over month since I left Santiago, and despite the cold weather there, I miss it terribly. As an eMBA consultant, I worked for Araucania Yarns, the largest yarn exporter in Chile. Araucania’s yarns are hand (not machine) dyed, made from the highest quality and variety of natural materials, and produced in a spectrum of beautiful and sophisticated colors, which only a few players in the global industry can match. Araucania is in fact the only producer in Chile that can export at that scale.

The driving force behind the company is Endeavor Entrepreneur Michelle Boisier, Araucania’s co-founder and CEO. I worked closely with her to develop a competitive analysis on the high-end yarn natural yarns market, and recommended pricing, distribution and marketing strategies. Working with Araucania allowed me to see up close and understand the opportunities and challenges faced by a small company operating in a niche market.

On my last day, I presented my findings to Araucania’s advisory board, comprised of high-caliber professionals: a former CEO of Coca Cola, Latin America, a veteran Endeavor Entrepreneur, and an Araucania local adviser. We spent nearly three hours discussing the data and next steps for the company. Multiply those three hours by the three advisory board members (there are typically four I’m told), then by the 12 meetings in a year (at times they even meet more than once a month). That adds up to over 100 hours of pro-bono time in a year for just one SME!

After leaving Santiago, I continue to work with Michelle on the next stage of my project which focuses on expansion alternatives for her business. My time in Chile was incredible to say the least. I was welcomed warmly by the Santiago Endeavor team, and met several Chilean Endeavor Entrepreneurs, a partner of a venture capital firm, and other eMBAs— all of whom share the same excitement I have for entrepreneurship and emerging markets.


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