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eMBA field report: taking an entrepreneurial risk to keep Mexican companies safe

Paul Marquard is an MBA student at Babson’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business. He is interning with ALTO with Endeavor Entrepreneur Jorge Nazer through Endeavor’s eMBA Program.

Working in a company where the entrepreneurial mindset ubiquitous and new ideas are welcomed provides a ripe opportunity for an MBA like myself to test his entrepreneurial skills. This is exactly what I’ve found as an eMBA intern at ALTO. When I started working with the ALTO team, I was received with a warm welcome and I immediately felt that I was a part of the company.

ALTO provides strategic solutions to prevent or mitigate the theft of companies’ assets. In addition to generating revenue, ALTO also has a positive impact on crime reduction is Mexico. As I result, I feel that by helping ALTO I am also helping my country. It’s a great feeling.

The company is growing at a rapid pace and, as a result, the management team has decided to expand their operations in Mexico. This is where I come in: because of my MBA experience and knowledge of Mexico, I have been entrusted with a mission-critical project. I will help the company to create a strategic plan to expand to the whole of Mexico. It is an honor to work on a project that I know will have a direct impact at all levels of the company. I am inspired to work even harder to make this project a success because the entrepreneurs are so open and attentive to my ideas.

These first few weeks, I have worked directly with the CEO of the company, who has great experience and ideas, and I have learned about the company’s business model and operations. I am finishing the research stage of my project, during which I gathered valuable data that will help me do a thorough analysis. The project is full of variables and there are a variety of possible methods to achieve the final goal. This is what makes this project challenging and exiting.

I have found the project to be a great learning experience because although I have been guided, I am not told what to do. This allows me to use my own entrepreneurial mindset to figure out the best methods to develop ALTO’s expansion strategy through research and analysis.


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