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eMBA field report: research and teamwork in Egypt

Nate Wong at the Pyramids

Nate Wong is an MBA student at Yale University’s School of Management. He is interning with Endeavor Entrepreneur company Hindawi in Egypt through Endeavor’s eMBA Program.

This is a follow-up to Nate’s previous blog post.


The feedback session with the uFollow team was a great way for me to meet my colleagues and has resulted in some great friendships and bonds. The team was eager to try Chinese food, so I treated them to a Chinese feast the day before Ramadan started for everyone to try. For many, it was their first foray into Chinese food and eating with chopsticks – yes, we had lessons prior to eating! I am excited for an aftar, or break fast, feast that my co-workers invited me to during Ramadan, which will be a great way to experience Egyptian culture and more Egyptian food firsthand.

While I only have a couple more weeks left in my internship, I am excited to see the fruits of my labor come to fruition already.

Of course, the eMBA experience would not be complete without stories of excursions outside of the office as well. I ventured outside of Cairo and explored Luxor, the place of the famed Valley of the Kings; Aswan along the Nile; and all the way down to Abu Simbel in the “Nubian” region close to the border of Sudan. Some of my highlights have included a hot air balloon ride in Luxor, a sunset Nile cruise, and negotiating at a spice market in Aswan. With only two more weeks left, I still have a couple more sights on my to-do list, and am excited to see what traction we can gain with on the acquirer front now that we have documentation and a defined strategy and list of potential buyers to contact!


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