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eMBA field report: rainy weather and fiery ambition near the southernmost point in the world

Puerto Montt, Chile

Vijay Sarma Vedula is an MBA student at Babson’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business. He is interning with Endeavor Entrepreneur company Innovex in Chile through Endeavor’s eMBA Program.

While it’s cold and rainy outside here in Puerto Montt, the Salmon capital of Chile, near the southernmost point in the world, there is warmth inside the people who live here. It has helped me to settle into this new place quickly.

My first few weeks working with Innovex, a Chilean firm that offers proprietary technological solutions for the aquaculture industry, have been extremely rewarding. I have had to jump in with both feet and work on many different fronts simultaneously from day one. My work has changed a little from the original project scope, but I am happy to have the opportunity to help Innovex in every way possible during my brief time here. It is an exciting time to be at the company.

The fantastic local Endeavor team is very friendly and extremely supportive. They make my job easier by providing me with every resource I need to reach my end goal successfully.

Patricio & Gonzalo (the Endeavor Entrepreneurs) have shared every aspect of the business with me and included me in all the important meetings. For example, I was part of an Endeavor-organized advisory board meeting with leaders from successful companies from the region, focused on helping Innovex chart its future path. The discussion provided me with great insight into the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. It was also a great experience to see these successful business leaders volunteering their expertise and to understand how valuable it was a small company. It is fascinating to see the challenges a small company faces and the strategies it uses to compete in a playground of giants.

I feel that in three weeks I have become an integrated member of this organization. As I get ready to face the next week and the new set of challenges it brings, I am already thinking about how I will miss this place when it is time to leave.


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