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eMBA Field Report: Hit the ground running in Monterrey!

By Michael Shoemaker

Michael Shoemaker is an MBA student at INSEAD and is spending his summer as an eMBA working with Vialux in Monterrey, Mexico.

The condensed MBA program at INSEAD makes for a short summer internship. And fully aware of the time we wouldn’t have together, Endeavor Entrepreneurs Fernando and Frank, the founders here at Vialux in Monterrey, had me doing my homework prior to arrival.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, then, that a week into my internship I am putting together a summary of the (admittedly abbreviated) analysis we did of the company’s core processes, capabilities, and differentiators. Those will be key inputs into the design of the international expansion model, which will have to be done by the end of next week, so that we can put together the launch plan prior to the two-week scouting trip to Bogotá planned for the beginning of August. Oh, and in the meantime we are virtually networking and setting up meetings to try to fill those two weeks with productive activity.

The word ridiculous comes to mind when I think about how much we are trying to accomplish in these 6.5 weeks. That’s probably why I love it. Much like the MBA program I’m doing right now, I’m finding that in an fast-growing company like Vialux, you simply cannot learn or work more quickly than the opportunities and challenges allow. For me, this time may be an enjoyable stopover on the way to a less action-packed job. For the founders, it’s just one of many exciting rides that the company has taken them on. I can’t help but be envious!

Of course, the speedy transition has been aided by the incredible work that the whole team at Vialux has done to prepare my stay. The logistics have all been taken care of…all of them. So thus far, an all-around amazing experience.


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